Martial Activities

Combat in the Society is often what people are drawn to in the first instance.

The resounding *THWACK* as a rattan sword pounds a wooden shield can be heard from a great distance, and no doubt will have attracted your attention.

Martial activities in the SCA are split into five categories :

  1. Heavy Combat – sword and shield, two-handed sword, pole arm, spears, axes.
  2. Ranged Combat – target archery, combat archery, throwing weapons (axes, javelins)
  3. Rapier Combat – Rennaissance Fencing, and Cut & Thrust (WMA style)
  4. Seige Weapon Combat – Which is illegal in Victoria
  5. Equestrian Activities – Horse control, games and simulated jousting

An accomplished Heavy Combatant may be invited to join the Order of Chivalry and become a Knight and wear a White Belt, giving the title of Sir.

An accomplished Ranged Combatant may be invited to the Royal Company of Archers which is a grant level award, giving the title of The Honourable.

An accomplished Rapier Combatant may be invited to join the White Scarf, giving you the title of Don.  You can pass your prizes through Freeman, Journeymen, Provost, Guild Master. Guild Masters in the Guild of Defence wear Black Scarf, with a title of Grand Master.

Roster of Krae Glas Combatants

Victorian Control of Weapons Act 2000

SCA VIC Sword Exemption from DoJ