Regular Activities

The Barony of Krae Glas holds regular meetings (weekly and monthly) where members of the group come together to work on projects or train in martial activities. These meetings are casual and non-garbed, and are for anyone in the group to come together and discuss ideas, try new things, or just to get their regular medieval socialisation. These meetings are an ideal time to get to know the members of the Barony, ask questions, find out what we do, or give something a go.

We also hold events, such can include a variety of activities like tournaments, feasts, creative arts and sciences competitions, camping events or wars, where members dress up in pre-17th century attire and recreate medieval life.

Weekly/monthly meetings

  • Weekly Arts and Armoured Combat: Every Wednesday at Monash University, members meet to work on crafts and projects, and hone their skills in armoured combat.
  • Weekly Baronial CombatEvery Thursday at Greater Dandenong District Scout Centre – Next to Noble Park Station, alternating weekly between fencing or armoured combat.
    • Weekly Renaissance Fencing: Each Thursday, we study and practice styles of rapier sword-fighting found in Europe during the Renaissance period.
    • Weekly Armoured Combat: Each Thursday, we focus on training both ourselves and newer members on the SCA armoured combat system and Collegians to meet those of the greater Barony.
  • Monthly Crafthall: Once a month, bring a project of your own, or help work on a group project, or armour-up! This is a great time to practise anything you have an interest in, and get talking about what’s happening in the barony. Crafthall dates can be found on the calendar.
    • Monthly Council Meeting: This is for the council to get together and discuss the business-end of the barony, and is where bids for events are approved. This can be held at the monthly Crafthall, but can occasionally be held online. If you are looking for the date of the next meeting, this will be noted in the current month’s meeting minutes.

Attending SCA Activities and Meetings

  • Attire: You can wear modern clothes to the meetings (we wear our pre-17th century clothes at events)
  • Membership: You can become an SCA member by completing this online form. Membership is $35 per year for individuals, and dependent children are free. Non-members can attend SCA activities and events by paying an additional $5 insurance levy at the door.
  • Payment and bookings: You do not need to book for one of our regular weekly or monthly meetings. For an upcoming event, check the upcoming event details for booking and payment information, or contact the seneschal if you are unsure.
  • Sign in: You will be asked to sign in at each SCA meeting or event. There will be a designated table for sign in, and there will be a person (constable) to assist you with this process.