The Barony of Krae Glas is managed by a volunteer run committee. The committee meets every Crafthall.



Baroness – Margie of Glen More

Baron – Jon Dai of the Lane

Email: Baron and Baroness

The Baron and Baroness administer the lands and people of Kraé Glas on behalf of the King and Queen of Lochac. They ensure that Kraé Glas contributes to the nobility of Lochac, and recognise good work within Kraé Glas, be it martial, in the arts and sciences, or in service.



Thorgrim Dvergr

Email: Seneschal

As in medieval times, the Seneschal is the head of the group who handles the day to day affairs and manages the other Officers. A mundane equivalent is President.

Ludewicus zum Schwarzen Phönix


Elspeth Caerwent

Email: Reeve

The Reeve handles the financial aspects of the group, including maintaining the books and bank accounts. The mundane equivalent is a Treasurer.



Email: Chatelaine

The Chatelaine is the contact person for recruiting, greeting, and helping newcomers. The Chatelaine maintains friendly relations with Mundania, a key trading partner of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Knight Marshal

Jon Dai of the Lane

Email: Knight Marshal

The Knight Marshal is responsible for encouraging Heavy Combat activities within the group. They ensure that fighters are safe on the field, and inspect and authorise new fighters. They coordinate Heavy Combat and Combat Archery

Rapier Marshal

Everard Sefar

Email: Rapier Marshal

The Rapier Marshal is responsible for encouraging Rapier Combat activities within the group. They ensure that fighters are safe on the field, and inspect and authorise new fighters.

Arts & Sciences Officer

Nicolette Dufay

Email: A&S Officer

Oversees the creative side of the barony. Everything from making clothing and embroidery, to Food, drinks and entertainment.

Captain of Archers

Ida Noe

Email: Captain of Archers

Coordinates and encourages all forms of Archery within the group.


Cormac Lenihan

Email: Herald

Coordinates the running of Heraldic activities for the group, including registration of names and devices, performing voice heraldry during events such as court, and on the field during tournaments.



Email: Constable

Responsible for site and event safety, indemnities/waivers and lost property.

Web Minister

Ciaran of St. Monica

Email: Webminister

Maintains the group’s internet presence. This includes social networking sites, the mailing list and this website. They also assist with moderation of these forums, forum policy, and creating and maintaining content for this site.

Airdan Mac DaraEmail: Quartermaster

Maintains Group Inventory