Crafthall and Planning Meeting

Crafthall is where people get together to work on their Arts and Sciences projects (armouring, sewing, anything really!). It runs from 12-3pm. Everybody is welcome to attend!

The Planning Meeting is where the Officers and residents of Krae Glas meet to discuss matters of importance to the group, organise events, and plan for the future.
It takes place from 3-4pm immediately following Crafthall.

For enquiries about this activity, please contact the Seneschal.

When: Generally held on the Second Saturday of each month from 12-4pm. Check the calendar for any updates.
Where: City of Greater Dandenong District Scout Centre – Next to Noble Park Station
Cost: $5 for adult SCA members, Free for minor SCA members. Non-members pay the member rate plus an additional $5 insurance levy.