Baronial Projects

As a group, Krae Glas is known for its artisans across a broad spectrum of the creative arts and sciences, and for a populace that is both curious and creative, it can be a joy and a challenge to collaborate on projects that enrich the culture of Krae Glas, and can teach us more about history in the process.
No matter the skill level, all members of the populace are invited to contribute to these projects. Small or large, participation brings great pride and accomplishment to the Barony, and the beautifully crafted regalia that are undertaken by the group are their own reward.

Current Endeavours:

The Baronial Cloaks (Sea-Monsters, Pearls, and Swirls, Oh My!)

Currently being led by Mistress Baroness Nicolette du Fey, The Barony has undertaken the making of two cloaks to add to the Baronial Regalia. This project is bringing in the talents or our weavers, embroiderers, artists and all-around craft-enthusiasts to design the cloaks, stitch up a storm, and even weave some of the pieces that will gild the final pieces.
Currently, this project is looking for: (More information to come)

Baronial Banners (KG Represent!)

More information on these coming soon!