The Barony of Krae Glas holds regular weekly and monthly meetings where members come together to work on projects or train in martial activities.

We also hold events, such as tournaments, feasts, camping events or wars, where members dress up in pre-17th century attire and recreate medieval life.

Attending SCA meetings and events

  • Membership: You can become an SCA member by completing this online form. Membership is $45 per year for individuals, and dependent children are free. Non-members can attend SCA activities and events by paying an additional $5 insurance levy at the door.
  • Payment and bookings: You will generally need to pay either a set fee to cover the cost of the event. You do not need to book for one of our regular weekly or monthly meetings. Bookings are required for some events, but not others. Check the upcoming event details for booking and payment details, or contact the seneschal if you are unsure
  • Sign in: You will be asked to sign in at each SCA meeting or event. There will be a designated table for sign in, and there will be a person (constable) to assist you with this process.

Weekly/monthly meetings

Our weekly and monthly meetings are where we learn armoured combat or historical fencing, or to learn the skills and crafts we practice in the SCA.  These meetings are an ideal time to get to know the members of the Barony, ask questions and find out what we do. You can wear modern clothes to these meetings.


Most of our events are catered by members of the Society. When attending an SCA event, you should make an attempt at wearing pre-17th century clothing, and try to avoid the look and feel of the modern world. It can take time and resources to recreate a pre-17th century appearance, therefore we have clothing and equipment available to loan to newcomers at events. Try to hide modern items wherever possible. Place your bags against a wall out of people’s way, cover large modern items (such as chairs) with a blanket or cloth, decant drinks from modern bottles into a cup or into a jug.

There will likely be a Court, a formal occasion where the Baron and Baroness make announcements and give awards to people who have contributed to the SCA in some way.


  • At feasts you are generally be served a 3 course set menu in a medieval style
  • You will need to bring your own plates, cups and cutlery (“feast gear”). We recommend bringing a plate and/or bowl, knife, spoon, fork, a cup or mug to drink from, or we can loan feast gear to newcomers. You may also wish to bring a napkin or white tea towel to clean your hands on during the meal.
  • You typically need to bring your own drinks, although water will often be available in jugs.


  • Tournaments are not usually catered. This means you should bring any food you wish to eat.
  • There will be a roped off section in the middle, called the tourney field, where authorised fighters participate in the tourney. Do not enter this space while there is fighting going on or about to commence, and do not sit too close to its edge.
  • Bring something to sit on, such as a chair, cushion or rug.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat (straw is good). You can also ask to share one of the shade pavilions that have already been set-up.

Other events

Sometimes we hold camping events, balls, archery events, or games/tavern nights. Check the upcoming events page for information about all types of events.