Armoured combat

One of the most prominent and exciting activities in the SCA is armoured combat. Fighters can take part in tournaments as individuals, teams for melees, and large-scale wars with both armoured combatants and archers in the mix! Our combat activities are not choreographed and the outcome is entirely based on the skill and training of the combatants involved.

Combat in the Society is based on a system of honour and chivalry. Because the combat is full speed and un-choreographed, the combatants themselves determine if the attacks they receive were successful based on the angle and force of the strike. Marshals are present to ensure that the combat is performed safely that all equipment used meets established safety standards.


Our weapons are largely made out of rattan (similar bamboo but with a solid core), which enables us to to strike at full speed and full contact. Rattan is used because if a weapon breaks, unlike wood, it shears along the grass instead of splintering. We also use other types of rattan-based weapons including spears, great swords, axes and maces. Our armour is designed to provide coverage to important joints and organs so that our combat activities can be both thrilling and safe.

There are minimum safety standards for armour, but as a general rule, armoured combatants must have sufficient protection for their head and neck, their joints (wrists, elbows, shoulders, and knees), their hands, and their kidneys and groin. Armour can be customised to reflect the period of combat the individual prefers to study, from full suits of armour made of plate metal, to shirts of chain link/maille, to scales and belts of hardened leather. We also use shields made from wood or metal that help to protect us.

How can I take part?

Training is held weekly on Wednesdays, hosted by the College of St Monica (Monash University). We welcome people of any experience level and gender, however you must be age 18+ to take part, or 16+ with your guardians’ consent.

  • Time: 7:30pm-10pm
  • Location: Check the Discord or Facebook group for updates.
  • Equipment: Loaner armour is available upon request. Please bring your own groin protection which can be bought from any sports supply shop.
  • Contact: Contact the Seneschal or the Knight Marshal if you would like to attend, otherwise join the Discord (where they are most active) or drop a comment on the College of St Monica facebook page.


See our events page for upcoming tournaments and battles.