Dolphin’s Keep – Thursday Night – Armoured Combat and Renaissance Fencing

Our weekly meeting at Noble Park Scout Centre is where members meet to work on the combat aspects of the SCA amongst the greater Krae Glas, and where those interested in armoured combat and renaissance rapier gather to practice and hone their skills on an alternative day to Wednesday. This training is open to all members to attend. Newcomers can contact the seneschal (group president) or visit their facebook page for more information. Loaner armour is available to newcomers upon prior request. There is also regular fighter training for heavy and fencing at the monthly Crafthall.

The Dolphin’s Keep is a Facebook group dedicated to Thursday Night training as well as updates on what’s happening on Attendance, Special Guests etc.

When:Every Thursday night, 7pm – 10pm – Check the facebook group for updates.
Where:Greater Dandenong District Scout Centre – Next to Noble Park Station
Scout Hall, 24 Mons Parade, Noble Park VIC 3174
 Cost:There is a $5 fee to attend this event. It is important to note that this is used to pay hall rental fees.