Kraé Glas

Baronial Motto: A sense of porpoise.

Based in South Eastern Melbourne, Victoria, Kraé Glas is Lochac’s twelfth and youngest Barony. Kraé Glas oversees two subordinate groups; the College of St Monica (Monash University) and the Hamlet of groenaholar (west Gippsland).

Kraé Glas became a Canton of the Barony of Stormhold in 1994. The group eventually grew and advanced to Shire in 2004 before being elevated to Baronial status in 2011. The Barony of Kraé Glas has had one reigning Baron and Baroness (B&B) between 2011 and 2015, with the elevation of Countess Bethony Gaitskel and Earl Gilbert Purchase stepping up as the next B&B in Oct 2016.

The Baronial device is supported by dolphins – a common motif of the Barony of Kraé Glas. Kraé Glas’ signature events include:

  • Suth Moot – Suth Moot is a low-key, family friendly, relaxed event that runs over the Easter holidays.
  • Day of honour – Kraé Glas’ annual birthday event.
  • Great Southern Gathering – a weekend event alternately shared by a trio of Southern Baronies of Lochac (including Innilgard, Ynys Fawr, and Kraé Glas). This event usually focuses on Arts and Sciences and Rapier activities.