Take a trip back in time to the middle ages and recreate the customs, costumes, and combat of the pre-17th century era. The Barony of Krae Glas is a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) based in the south-east region of Melbourne, Australia.  We welcome all newcomers, of diverse ages and backgrounds, to the Society. We meet weekly to practice our crafts or train in martial combat, and host regular events where we gather to

We encompass a broad range of pre-17th century activities, from costuming, cooking, music, dancing, armouring, brewing, calligraphy, woodwork, embroidery, and any of arts and sciences of the middle ages. We recreate weapons and armour, we learn the techniques to use them, and we compete in tournaments. You can take part in many martial activities, from armoured combat, fencing, archery and equestrian. We hold feasts where there is food, dancing, singing and merriment.

We strive to conduct ourselves as nobles of the middle ages, therefore the only thing required is that you make an attempt at wearing pre-17th century clothing, and try to avoid the look and feel of the modern world. We also welcome all ranges of authenticity based on your ability, budget, interest and knowledge, ranging from covering over modern items, through to a completely authentic outfit/food/equipment. It can take time and resources to recreate a pre-17th century appearance, therefore we have items available to loan to newcomers at events.

Please join us at one of our upcoming events or regular meetings. We invite you to join our Facebook group and introduce yourself! For an idea of what the SCA is all about, read a newcomer to Krae Glas’s story, or visit www.scademo.com.


William Tell Memorial Training and Tournament
Sunday, 30 June 2019 from 11:00 am -6:00 pm Location: Sherbrooke Archers6 New Road, Upper Ferntree Gully, Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria 3156 Come one, come...
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The SCA formed among a group of friends enthused about medieval life, whom decided to create a world within a world to bring to life the ideals of the medieval period in the context of modern life. Now 50 years on, the SCA continues to attract young and old to explore life style, culture and combat of arms from around the world as it was known to the West before 1600AD.


Arts Activities include costume making, life style, music, dance, food and feasting, calligraphy and anything practiced before 1600AD.

Martial Activities including armoured combat, rapier combat, cut & thrust Renaissance swordsmanship, equestrian and archery.


Annual SCA membership is $35 and can be purchased online here
Non-members attending SCA events pay an extra $5 insurance levy.

Upcoming events in The Barony of Kraé Glas:


“Arts & Sciences” refers to the crafts, skills, and technologies from the time period and cultures of the SCA. Participants pursue the arts and sciences both to broaden their knowledge, and to enhance the atmosphere at Society events.

This includes research, study, and practice these skills and then share their results with others. You will see them in use and on display at our events – the recipes used for a feast, the armor worn in combat, the scrolls presented in Court, and the costumes (garb) we wear, just to name a few.

How can I take part?

People undertake projects at The Barony of Krae Glas hosts monthly meetings at Doveton from 12-4pm.  During this time, you have the opportunity to work on individual projects or group projects related to the Barony. Informal meetings are held on an ad hoc basis at members houses where people work on sewing, cooking, armouring or calligraphy.

People often bring small projects to work on at events, such as hand stitching, spinning/weaving, wood carving, embroidery or music.


Our arts and sciences officer: 

Lady Clemens Gascoigne is our local arts and sciences officer, and is a useful point of contact for any A&S questions, both for newcomers and experienced members in the group. She can be contacted here.


Facebook groups:


  • Cockatrice – The Arts & Science Journal for the Kingdom of Lochac (SCA)
  • Compleat Anachronist – a series of booklets written by SCA members on specific topics

The Krae Glas Arts & Science Champion

The role of the Baronial champions is to inspire others in the Barony to excel in their chosen endeavour, be it martial (archery, armoured combat, unarmoured combat, equestrian).

Isaelfr Hilditonn Heilvesdottir is the Barony of Krae Glas’ current Arts and Sciences Champion. Isaelfr created a 10th century Nordic dress, by taking the wool of Icelandic sheep, dying it with wode, spinning it, weaving it, then stitching that into a dress. She also dyed a separate batch of wool in a contrasting peach colour using period dyes, and wove that to make the braid along the top of the dress. She made the brooches by her own hand, and accompanied these with two strings of lampwork beads.

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