Event Summary for June

June is an excellent reminder that winter in Krae Glas does not mean a lack of activities!

Our Thursday Night Gathering and Training will be held every week as usual from 7pm on the 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th. Join us for heavy fighting, rapier fighting, socialising, casual arts & sciences, or a combination of the above!

At Crafthall on the 8th, Baroness Margie will be teaching us how to make shoes! As this class is a little more intensive than our usual offerings, it will be split into two parts: Part 1 (Patterning Your Shoes) in June & Part 2 (Making Your Shoes) in July.

Supplies needed for the patterning class:
* Old sock (will be destroyed in the process)
* Duct tape
* Scissors
* Sharpie/equivalent
* Paper or card for tracing pattern.
We’ll do our best to have spares of most of these items to share, but you will need to BYO sock! 🧦

Shoe leather will be needed for part 2 – we will be organising a group order of this during the first class which you can join, or you can bring your own. Type/s of leather needed will be explained in this month’s class.

Also at Crafthall is the monthly council meeting, which we have moved back to 3pm, just to keep you on your toes! We will be experimenting with which time works better for a while, so we’d love your feedback! Crafthall opens at 12, so class will start shortly after that.

Bordescros have extended an invitation for Krae Glas & Stormhold to attend their Southern Invasion event in Wodonga on the 15th! There will be A&S (with a focus on heraldry & pageantry), both rapier & heavy fighting, stories & songs (especially of victory & defeat) around a fire & a feast (mixed catered & pot luck)! Accommodation & train shuttles are available for wayfarers upon request.

Finally, on the 29th Stormhold is hosting Winterfeast! In addition to, well, a feast, they will be holding their A&S championship, there will also be heavy & rapier tournaments, games & competitions for pageantry & table dressing