Captain of Archers

Barony of Krae Glas Captain of Archers – Master Gwynfor Lwyd

The Captain of Archers is the officer responsible for overseeing and encouraging the arts of Archery, both target and combat. The position fall under the aegis of the Marshallate, and reports to the Kingdom Captain of Archers.

Much valuable information about archery as practised by the SCA in Lochac (there are very big differences in the way we do combat archery here as against how the other 18 kingdoms do it) can be found at:

Useful Documents:

Lochac Target Archery Handbook
Lochac Combat Handbook

Simple Safety Rules for Target Archery (mostly directed at children, so they know what is expected of them, but all archers should be aware of these rules)
Rules for different forms of archery competitions
Setting up a target archery range
Target Archery Marshals created by Gwynfor Lwyd

Adult Authorisation Form
Minor Authorisation Form

Note that in Victoria crossbows and siege weapons/engines  are completely illegal, so ignore those parts of the handbooks.