Great Southern Gathering X (GSG 2018) – 10 year anniversary!

Once again, Krae Glas will host the Great Southern Gathering! For the 10 year anniversary, we will be hosting a weekend of classes, feasting, tournaments, and competitions!

This venue will be a perfect opportunity for us to have an amazing event with all manner of Classes and Tournaments.

Date: 5th-8th October 2018

What is Great Southern Gathering?

The purpose of Great Southern Gathering (GSG) is bring together people from the southern regions of Lochac to enable and nurture the sharing of knowledge in an enjoyable, casual atmosphere. The event is run as a series of collegia, inviting streams across both the arts, sciences and martial arts. It has gathered a reputation for being the premiere fencing collegia event in Lochac.

It has traditionally been hosted in rotation by the Baronies of Innilgard, Ynys Fawr and Krae Glas, and more recently with Stormhold and Bordescros included. Court is not expected to happen unless there is an outstanding reason for it (e.g. the K&Q are there and want one).

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This year’s Great Southern Gathering is being hosted by the Barony of Krae Glas.

Address: Grantville Lodge, 200 Grantville-Glen Alvie Rd., Grantville VIC 3984


With thirteen en-suited rooms in eight cabins and several self contained houses we have enough beds to sleep 130. Beds are full sized, not miniature girl guide size.


  • There are several ovals and grassy areas, along with two halls and a large indoor sports room capable of holding training if the weather turns inclement.
  • There are multiple indoor rooms and spaces for practicing various arts and sciences
  • There is a firepit close to most of the cabins. It would be a great place for a bardic circle or chatting.
  • The equestrian facilities onsite including access to an arena.
  • For those interested in cooking collegia, there is a full commercial kitchen with walk in fridge and freezer, a pizza oven, fire pit for cooking over and a dairy/cheese factory just down the road.
  • For those interested in martial endeavours, there are both indoor and outdoor training spaces, space for archery, and open forest for all manner of martial activities.
  • This is a truly great site and we look forward to using as many aspects as possible.



Please advise the bookings officer if you have any health or disability access requirements to assist us allocating bunks and rooms.

Event pricing

  • Whole event: 13+ year old: $148
  • Whole event: 4-12 year old: $108
  • Day trip Saturday (lunch + feast): $65
  • Day Trip 13+ year old: $35
  • Day Trip 4-12 year old: $20
  • 3 year old and under: Free (whether attending whole event or day trip)

As usual, a $5 insurance levy applies for non-members.

Be advised: 
Whole event prices are inclusive of ALL meals (there is no option to self-cater for discount)

These prices are only until 28st August!!!!
After which, prices for whole event will increase to:
Whole event 13+ year old: $158
Whole event 4-12 year old: $112
No increase for day trips.


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List of classes:

Download the latest timetable here!



Defender of the South tournament:

The Defender of the South is a heavy tournament that began at GSG 2013. The winner receives a banner emblazoned with a triskelion, with each of the three swirls representing each of the three southern Baronies that have traditionally hosted Great Southern Gathering (namely Innilgard, Krae Glas and Ynys Fawr). The winner gets to keep the banner they’re given, and is then charged with creating another banner displaying the triskelion to pass on to the next winner. The current Defender of the South is Baron Gilbert Purchase.


Bookings officer:
Amelia De La Mere


Master Leif Magnusson