The Blue Strand Issue 2013-03 March 2013

Greetings good gentles,
Welcome to the March edition of The Blue Strand.  What a full month it has been!  With another exciting round of the Summer Twilight
Tournament Series, a new Baronial Award and- of course – Mini Moot, it has been a great month in our fair barony.
Festival also took place and by all reports was as much fun.  Our own Baron and Baroness way faired there and send their greetings to all who stayed behind.
I must apologise for the tardiness of this issue.  April 1st made a slight fool of me, by sneaking into the Easter break. However, as Mini Moot was mostly in March it had to go into this issue.
Want to know more?  Then please read on.

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And now, I give you, our busy month of March.

Veronica Bellini
Issue 2013-03 March 2013