The Blue Strand Issue 2013-1 January 2013

Greetings Good gentles,

January was a very special month in Krae Glas. We played host to the very auspicious 12th night coronation of King Felix and Queen Eva. Many people commented on how lovely the halls looked.
The weekends courts were peppered with awards and offerings.

In between courts many activities were enjoyed, including heavy fighting, rapier and market stalls. The event was very successful.
After this event our own Baron Cormac and Baroness Elspeth embarked on a tour of their lands. Which reportedly went well.

Unfortunately this meant they missed they next round of the twilight tournament. It was a unique event, with the heavies mounted on an elephant and giraffe. It was most entertaining to watch.
Read on, good gentles, for the full accounts from several reliable sources, including our own Seneschal.

Veronica Bellini

Issue 2013-01 Jan 2013