The Blue Strand Issue 2012-9 November 2012

Greetings Good Gentles,

I am delighted to tell you that we have a very special writer this month.  Baron Cormac has kindly submitted an article on November Crown.  It is quite an entertaining read. 
With that in mind, if anyone would like to submit something for the Blue Strand, please do so.  It can be a few lines about an event you attended, or your favourite recipe. 
Perhaps you found some historical references that the known world would be richer for knowing. 

It does not even have to be an article.  Perhaps you captured that perfect picture of the final round of a tournament, or saw some younglings doing some impressive stuff. Whatever your
entry may be, feel free to send it in.

And so, without further ado, I give you the
November edition of The Blue Strand.
Veronica Bellini

Issue 2012-9 November 2012