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Summary of upcoming events

Month Date Event Hosting group Steward
December 16th Twilight Tourney 1 Krae Glas Philippa
January 6th-7th 12th Night Rowany
January 13th Crafthall Krae Glas Leif
January 20th Twilight Tourney 2 Krae Glas Philippa
January 20th-28th Canterbury Faire Southron Gaard NZ
February 3rd Solmonath Krae Glas Maree
February 10th Crafthall Krae Glas Leif
February 17th Twilight Tourney 3 Krae Glas Philippa
February 23-25th Border War Bordescros
March 9th Twilight Tourney 4 Krae Glas Philippa
March 10th Crafthall Krae Glas Leif
March 29th-April 2 Congregatus Australis Krae Glas Leif
April 14th Crafthall Krae Glas Leif
April 18-22 April Rowany Festival + Crown tournament Rowany Rowany
May 5th St Monica 30th anniversary event College of St Monica Philippa
May 12th Crafthall Krae Glas Leif
May 19th or 26th Day of Champions Krae Glas Sorcha
June 9th Crafthall Krae Glas Leif
July Coronation  TBA  TBA
July 14th Crafthall Krae Glas Leif
August 11th Crafthall Krae Glas Leif
November 4-5th November Crown TBA TBA
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Steward: Lady Elswyth Goodfellow

Date: Saturday 3rd February 2018



Price: $5 adult members (15+)

14 and under free

Extra $5 insurance fee for non-members


A&S competition: Cakes! Any sort of period relevant cake, scone, roll, bun, etc. Winner will be judged by vote of the populace.


Ploughing the Field: Race with ploughes (carts) with teams of 2-3:

Ox – pulls the cart

Farmer – Steady’s and steers from the back

Small person – to sit on the plough (cart) to add weight

In absence of available small person (not the Baroness), an object of suitable weight will suffice.


Burying the Cakes: Rapier where the winners will be whomever buries the greater number of cakes, ie, collects the greater number of cakes into their corner.

Here Come the Birds: Heavy armour round involving felted birds who are trying to eat the seeds and cakes that have been buried..



10:00 Setup
11am Opening court
11:30 Ploughing the Field (Race)
12:00 Burying the Cakes (Rapier)
12:30 Lunch and A&S food judging by the populace
13:00 Here Come the Birds! (Heavy)
14:30 Closing court



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Summer Twilight Tourney Series, Part 1: St Nicholas

This summer’s Summer Twilight Tourney Series is centered around important Saints, and what better Saint to select for a mid-December event… St Nicholas!

This event, the first of the four 2017-2018 STTS events will be taking place in the Hamlet of Grœnahólar (West Gippsland), where we are honoured to host this event on the estate of the Hamlet Elder, Thorgrim.

This glorious afternoon will include an archery competition, an A&S competition, Krae Kringle, and a potluck dinner. Details of the specific activities can be found further down the page. This event will be fairly informal as it will also double as a bit of an xmas/yule 2017 breakup. So come along, relax with some mates, shoot at some much loved xmas themed… things… eat some delicious food, give and get a present, and most of all have fun!

For the potluck dinner, please bring along a dish to share.

Date: Saturday, 16 December 2017
Times: 3pm start
Venue: Thorgrim’s Tavern, Wonthaggi VIC
Steward: Lady Philippa Wildefuhel

Prices – Members
15YO and older – $5
14YO and under – free

Non-members of any age also pay an additional $5 insurance levy.

Archery Competition (4pm start): A novelty shoot based on the 12 days of Christmas. Highest score wins a ‘special’ surprise from a surprise guest. The competition will include the use of sharps and blunts, so bring along both if you have them!

Heavy Tourney (5pm start): exact tourney format TBC on the day, so bring your armour. You ‘may’ even get to beat up Santa???!!!

Combat Archery Authorisation: For those interested in entering the combat field as an archer for events like war and shared field events – this is a great way to see what happens right up close. I can highly recommend it!

A&S Comp: All things Gingerbread – there will be a prize for the most delicious gingerbread based on a medieval recipe (documentation required) as well as a second prize for the best design (modern recipes accepted).

Krae Kringle: a play on the words of Kris Kringle, the Krae Glas version of this common gift giving game is;
> Gift giving/receiving is anonymous – gifts are chosen by participants via a name draw
> Anyone who wants to play needs to bring along an SCA item they own (that is in good condition but not used anymore). This can be something purchased, made, or even a promissory.
> Disguise the item and place it on the designated table (amongst the others)
> Enter your name into the jar of wonder and come and select your prize when your name is called.

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Congregatus Australis

Join Krae Glas as we camp and feast over the Easter school holidays.

Booking details and more event details to come.


Date: Thursday, 29 March 2018 to Monday, 2 April 2018
Times: TBA
Venue: Clifford Park
Steward: Baron Leif Magnusson
Bookings: Elswyth Goodfellow
Bookings close 23rd March 2018

Prices – Members

Event Fees:
Cabin – $90
Camping – $55
Day Trip – $10

Children 5yo -16yo
Child Cabin – $80
Child Camping – $45
Child Day Trip – $5

Children 4yo and under no charge; however, if they are allocated a bunk, it is charged at the 5yo+ child rate.

An additional $5 is charged for non-SCA members of any age.

Meals will be made available at an additional cost:
Breakfasts (Available Friday to Monday) – $5/day
Lunches (Available Friday to Monday) – $5/day
Dinners (Available Thursday to Sunday) – $15

Additional Event Details:
Waste disposal is available onsite. Recycling will be facilitated by Krae Glas; however, as the site does not provide recycling, it is requested that waste is limited.

Limited firewood is available onsite and can be used in provided firepits if restrictions are not in place, and in contained fireplaces in the external halls.

Parking is restricted to two primary car parks and roadside parking.

The main paddock will be assigned as the Village Green and Period encampment. No vehicles or non-period tents will be permitted on the Village Green, and all mundane equipment is to be kept to a minimum in this area.



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