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La Día de Honor (Day of Honour 2017)

Join the Barony of Krae Glas as we celebrate our annual Day of Honour.  There will be tournaments held during the day in the traditional Day of Honour format (open challenges), so you can fight as much as you want.  There will be A&S competitions, and a feast in the evening.  The event will be Spanish-themed.

Date: 19 August 2017
Venue: Balla Balla Community Centre
Steward: Obbi illugi
Bookings: Click here to book for this event

Prices – Members

Tournament and Feast Tournament only
Adult $35 $5
Collegian $25 $5
12-17yo $25 Free
5-11yo $15 Free
Under 5 Free Free

If you’re not a current SCA Member, a $5 Insurance levy applies in addition to the above prices.

A&S Categories

Are you working on a cofia y tranzada, manteo, calzas, camisa margomada or toca? Been referring to Alcega? Why not enter it in the Spanish garb A&S competition? From early through to late period, all styles are encouraged.
Show off your brand new Spanish garb (or any new garb) in our medieval fashion parade. Strut your stuff with your friends and give everyone a chance to admire your hard work. For more information, contact the A&S officer.

Torture devices:
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition with their wide array of torture devices. From the strappado and the rack, through to hot coals and the comfy chair, they had ways of making people confess. Create a torture device to enter in this slightly disturbing A&S competition. Small models and more creative forms of torture are welcome.

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A Grand Royal Event

The Barony of Krae Glas in conjunction with the Academy presents:
An evening with their Majesties the King and Queen of Lochac.
With feasting and frivolity, honour and high jinx!

Date: 14 October 2017
Times: 3pm – Hall opens
4pm – Event begins
5pm – Feast begins
9pm – Event concludes
Venue: Glen Waverley Community Centre
Steward: April of the Academy
Bookings: Click here to book for this event
Bookings close October 7th

Prices – Members

Adult $35
Student $25
13-17yo $20
5-12yo $15
Under 5 Free

If you’re not a current SCA Member, a $5 Insurance levy applies in addition to the above prices.

Please note a Heavy Tournament with a Picnic, Games, Archery and Rapier will be held at John
Gardiner Reserve on the Sunday. Hosted by the Baron and Baroness of Stormhold from 11am till 4pm.

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Intercollege War

Join the College of St Monica as we host you in this fight
Long rivalry in Lochac comes to the fore; what fright!

What wily Celtic creatures will come out to play in war?
Join the battle, bones will rattle. Come see what is in store.

Garish Gaulish gods reign favour upon our dearest chums,
Especially those who join the party of supernatural shenanigans.

The College of St Monica will host four days of food, fighting and fun to once again bring the colleges of Lochac together.
The theme for this year is Celtic Mythology and Superstitions.


We will be running tourneys in Archery, Rapier and Heavy Combat.
The Day of War will be Saturday.
Arts and Science Competitions:
– 1. Children’s Toys
– 2. Mythical/Mystical Items
– 3. Performance: Celtic themed or early any early period SCA.
Several A&S classes with be run throughout the event.


Date: Thursday 6th of July to Sunday 9th of July
Venue: Camp Warringal
Address: Bruces Creek Rd, Whittlesea, Victoria 3757
PLEASE NOTE: Actual times for site access TBA
Stewards: Kelly Wilson and Tam Hovenga


Collegian Non-Collegian
Full Event (Camping): $55 $65
Full Event (Cabin): $60 $70
Weekend Pass Camping (2 nights): $40 $40
Weekend Pass Cabin (2 nights): $45 $45
Saturday Pass: $20 $20

If you’re not a current SCA Member, a $5 Insurance levy applies in addition to the above prices.

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Day of Champions 2017

Day of Champions

Event Summary

This event showcased the best that Krae Glas has to offer. Members came together to vie for the opportunity to be champions of their respective fields. The champions were declared as:

  • Rapier: Lord Seumas Mac Thorsteyn of the Black Dolphin
  • Archery: Lord Thorgrim Dvergr, Elder of the Hamlet of Grœnahólar
  • Armoured combat: Baron Master Cormac Lenihan
  • Arts & Sciences: Isaelfr Hilditonn Heilvesdottir

The Champion’s role is to inspire others to participate and give their all in their respective field. The role of Champion is not limited to prowess; it incorporates all virtues, including humility, courage, agility, strength and wisdom. You should look to your Champions as a source of inspiration in your activities in the Barony.

At this event we also had the great honour of recognising the significant contributions of
* Ana de Vuallachia with a Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Avelyn Rosewood – Apollo Delphinius — Service
* Lord Airdin Mac Dara – Baronial Cypher
* Lord Seumas Mac Thorsteyn of the Black Dolphin – Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Roisin Cinnsealach – Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Vienna Maria della Rosa – Spurtle




Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017
Event Steward: Honourable Lord Baron Lachlann Dunbar
Venue: Balla Balla Community Centre
Attendance: 75
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Great Southern Gathering VII

The Barony of Krae Glas invites you to the 7th Great Southern Gathering.

2nd – 4th October

Come and participate in a weekend of Arts and Sciences workshops and activities, including combat, in a relaxed environment, focused on sharing and learning new skills. Weekend cost includes all meals and camping, and limited Cabins are also available (with priority initially given to interstate travellers) for an additional cost. Day rates are also available. Continuing the GSG tradition, garb is optional until the Saturday evening feast onwards.

Teach a class (or two), attend workshops, participate in Guild Prize Combat, or join in on the first Medieval Masterchef cooking competition, which will occur in rounds across the weekend. Feast on good food, with excellent company, and share in the wealth of skills and knowledge the Southern part of Lochac has to offer.

The success of this event relies on the populace sharing their expertise with others, so please volunteer to teach a class. Please contact Lady Veronica Bellini on 3conies@gmail.com ASAP if you are able to teach a workshop with details about the workshop you would like to teach.

The GSG 2015 schedule Draft 2 is now up.

Pricing (prior to 1/9 – after add $5)
Whole event Adult (Camping) – $95, Day Costs available – see below.
Whole event Adult (Cabin) – $115 (Priority given to wayfarers)
Children under 14, less $20, Non Members, Plus $5http://kraeglas.lochac.sca.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=1835&action=edit
1 Day Trip Adult (No Food) – $25 1 Day Trip Minor (No Food) – $15 2 Day Adult (No Food) – $35
2 Day Minor (No Food) – $20

Steward and Booking Officer: Don Everard Sefar everardsefar@gmail.com
Co Steward: Lord Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago m.d.armstrong@gmail.com
Feast Steward: Lady Arganhell merch Briauc suz01@solarflarecreations.com.au

Further Information:
Bookings: Online Booking Form (http://tinyurl.com/greatSG7)
Location: Clifford Park Scout Activity Centre
7 Clifford Drive
Wonga Park, Vic 3115

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Ehrentag (Day of Honour 2015)

This year, knowledge of arms, tenacity in battle, constitution and aesthetic are all rewarded in both the rapier and heavy tournaments, but ultimately Honour shall win the day. A late period German feast, set in the era of 1500AD, themed around Cranach the Elder’s ‘Fountain of Youth’.


Tournament: Sherwood Park, Sherwood Road, Mount Waverley

Tournament format is based on a 16th century tournament, fighters ask any other fighter to enter the list field upon the marsh.

Feast: Mount Waverley Youth Centre, 14 Miller Crescent, Mt Waverley

Date: Saturday, August 22, 2015

Booking link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NF6vrKN9nkl8kFal-s22lHwzEreIQaUzPaNca3td20Y/viewform?c=0&w=1


Contact for newcomers:

Event steward: Lord Gilbert Purchase

Feast steward: Lady Bethony Gaitskell



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The Barony of Krae Glas presents a Tournament and Venetian masked ball.

Saturday 11 July 2015 from 1:00pm –10:00 pm

at the Eumemmerring Scout Hall,

Magnolia St, Doveton.

Heavy tournament followed by dancing and revelry in the evening.

Finger food and refreshments provided.

Prize for best mask & best Venetian attire.

Please note that masks are mandatory for the ball, and if you cannot obtain one, a mask will be provided.

For more information, including pricing and timetable, visit Facebook/Carnivale Tournament and Ball.

For bookings visit http://goo.gl/forms/62rSU8DPCY



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