Solmonath - The Barony of Kraé Glas

Steward: Lady Elswyth Goodfellow

Date: Saturday 3rd February 2018



Price: $5 adult members (15+)

14 and under free

Extra $5 insurance fee for non-members


A&S competition: Cakes! Any sort of period relevant cake, scone, roll, bun, etc. Winner will be judged by vote of the populace.


Ploughing the Field: Race with ploughes (carts) with teams of 2-3:

Ox – pulls the cart

Farmer – Steady’s and steers from the back

Small person – to sit on the plough (cart) to add weight

In absence of available small person (not the Baroness), an object of suitable weight will suffice.


Burying the Cakes: Rapier where the winners will be whomever buries the greater number of cakes, ie, collects the greater number of cakes into their corner.

Here Come the Birds: Heavy armour round involving felted birds who are trying to eat the seeds and cakes that have been buried..



10:00 Setup
11am Opening court
11:30 Ploughing the Field (Race)
12:00 Burying the Cakes (Rapier)
12:30 Lunch and A&S food judging by the populace
13:00 Here Come the Birds! (Heavy)
14:30 Closing court



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