Summer Twilight Tourney Series, Part 1: St Nicholas


Date: Saturday, 16 December 2017
Times: 3pm start
Venue: Thorgrim’s Tavern, Wonthaggi VIC
Steward: Lady Philippa Wildefuhel

Prices – Members
15YO and older – $5
14YO and under – free


From Gilbert and Bethony, Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas:

This summer’s Summer Twilight Tourney Series is centered around important Saints, and what better Saint for a mid-December event… St Nicholas!

This event, the first of the four 2017-2018 STTS events was held in the Hamlet of Grœnahólar (West Gippsland), where we were honoured to host this event on the estate of the Hamlet Elder, Thorgrim. This glorious afternoon in the sun included an archery competition, an A&S competition, “Krae Kringle”, and a potluck dinner.

Baronial awards:

Admiral Hanbal Al Barbari was awarded the Delphinus Dionysi for his dedication to supporting the Hamlet of Groenaholar, and for all of his support he has lent to Krae Glas

Arya of Groenaholar was awarded a Baronial Endorsement, in recognition of her enthusiasm for helping enthusiastically, and her passion for archery.

Archery Competition (4pm start): A novelty shoot based on the 12 days of Christmas was highly entertaining. This competition was well attended, with many from the College of St Monica traveling to take part. Thank you to Michael for acquiring the new faux animal targets. (Winner??)

Heavy Tourney: A round robin of Master Cormac, Admiral Hanbal, Kye of St Monica and Baron Gilbert was held, and Cormac was deemed to be the winner.

A&S Comp: All things Gingerbread – the winner was Sam of Krae Glas