Meetings Minutes October 2022

October Report -St Monica’s

Greetings unto the Seneschal and Council of Krae Glas, Please see below the report on the College’s activities this past month.


– The old committee have all been re-elected and we have two new Spongs (General Representatives)

– We are promoting All Hallow’s Eve fairly vigorously now

– For university subsidy eligibility, the club will be paying all ticket prices for current Monash Uni students and will get all costs from the uni and individuals

– To enable this, we will need the Reeve to give us a tax invoice for all bookings the club paid for; we will initiate contact to discuss this after the event

– I have informed my Council of the Barony’s whispered plans to get us to host a Twilight Tourney event next March and we all thought it was a good idea; we will discuss and arrange it more after exams end in November


– A&S weekly classes have continued with T-Tunics Part 2, fingerloop braiding, bycockets and another dancing class

– Thanks to Sorcha for teaching everyone dancing

– Cloak workshops were a big hit: 24 people got involved and we will be getting a 75% subsidy on it all so individuals only spent $23 to get a cloak

Fighting: – We are seeking a grant from the Barony for armour repair supplies: I didn’t even know that was possible but Airdin said it was?

– I think Ching, Putter and Rúna are ready to be authorised. If that could be done before All Hallow’s Eve on a Wednesday night, they would have the option of entering the tournament. All discretion is up to the marshal though about when they are ready.

– Our Council has discussed whether we want to run fighting over the break on a Wednesday evening and have said no: exams, many of our fighters are going back home overseas, difficulty of getting marshals around, less people around etc. We will give notice in all the appropriate places once the Krae Glas Council is aware and approves this plan. Unsure if we need permission but I will ask anyway.

Yours in Service, Lady Rúnfríðr Keiliselgr Seneschal College of St Monica