Delicious at a Distance

While much of the Barony shelters in their homes, our fair Baron and Baroness have enabled a magical portal through which we can still see each other, chat about our projects, and share our meals!

Join us on Saturday (18/7/2020) at 7pm for a feast, some songs, fine conversation, and words of wisdom and support from their Excellencies!

The meeting will open at 6.30, with the event commencing at 7pm. Their Excellencies will hold court at 7.15, after which we shall commence feasting.What the menu is, is up to you. A Tudor banquet? A Viking hall feast? Strange flatbread topped with sauces, meats, and fruits of many kinds, delivered by a hard working courier?

To join us, please click this URL to start or join. or, go to and enter meeting ID: 388 951 0961.

We look forward to seeing you all from far and wide!