Stormy Glas Gathering

Friday, 3rd April 2020 from 12:00 pm – Sunday 5th April 4.00 pm

Location: Gilwell Park Victoria
2555 Launching Place Rd, Gembrook, Victoria 3783

The event will be themed around a Viking or medieval village, with the hustle and bustle of day to day work and play, from food preparation and games to artisans plying their trades. The idea is to have a very relaxed event where people can work on projects that are sometimes harder to do at home. There will be few formally scheduled classes, instead people will be encouraged to show and tell what they are doing. In the evening we will gather around the campfires to sing and tell stories.


TIMETABLE (subject to change)
Friday 3rd April
· 12:00pm: Event opens
· 6:30pm: Open Fire Soup Kitchen
Saturday 4th April
· 9:00am: A&S activities, Rapier and heavy classes
· 12:30pm: Lunch*
· 2:30pm: Rapier tourney.
· 3:30pm: Heavy tournament
· 6:00pm: Catered camp feast
· 7:00 pm: Bardic circle
· 10:00 am Chocolate Bunny shoot
· 12:00pm: Lunch*
· 4:00pm: Event close

*Please note that the only catered meals are the Friday and Saturday night evening meals. Breakfasts and lunches will not be catered.

Address: 2555 Gembrook-Launching Place Rd, Gembrook, VIC

Gilwell Park is a scout camp in the beautiful hills of the Dandenong Ranges. The site is predominantly bushland, with a creek running about 50m from the proposed campsite. There are fire drums available for cooking and other A&S activities such as dying or pewter casting. For those unable to camp, there are dorms available a few minutes walk across site.

Site access: The site is in the very outer east of Melbourne and can be accessed by car from either Gembrook or Launching Place. For those on public transport, there is a bus service to Gembrook. Collection from there can be provided by prior arrangement.

There is a creek that runs along the north edge however there is thick bushland between the proposed campsite/hut and the creek. It is unlikely to be a risk for youth.

Venue Website: Gilwell Scout Park

Pricing as per below:

Whole Event (Cabin)

(Please note Cabin accommodation is extremely limited, and we ask that you only book for a cabin if you are from interstate or have health concerns. If you are concerned about wanting a cabin but do not fall into either of those categories, please contact the bookings officer (Maerwynn ), or the steward (Eleanora) who will be happy to assist.)

  • 18+ =$110
  • 12-17 =$100
  • 5-11 =$90
  • Under 5= $0

Whole Event (Camping)

  • 18+ =$65
  • 12-17 =$60
  • 5-11 =$40
  • Under 5 =$0

Whole Event (Offsite)

  • 18+ =$40
  • 12-17 =$35
  • 5-11 =$25
  • Under 5 =$0

Day & Feast (Saturday) 

  • 18+ =$25
  • 12-17 =$25
  • 5-11 =$15
  • Under 5 =$0

Day Visitors (off-board) 

  • 18+ =$20
  • 12-17 =$25
  • 5-11 =$8
  • Under 5 =$0