Relay for Life

This is your call to arms (feet), a rallying cry and your handcrafted invitation to take up the fight for the noblest of causes.
On November 16th & 17th we shall trample upon the scourge that is Cancer, walk the somewhat circular path of hope and community that is the Cancer Council’s Relay for life.

Why should you walk this one? Well, the short version is, Do Good, Feel Good, Together, oh and help save lives in the process!
But also…We’re doing it in Garb! With a semi-captive audience and room for armoured combat, static displays and SCA games, this event is a great opportunity to introduce people into our game, to enjoy our hobby and explore the SCA that was, is and can be.

Can’t make it but still want to support? How about throwing some gold towards the cause? You can donate at


So as most of you should know, this weekend was the Relay for life.
I would like to thank all those that took part. As a group we did 343 laps which equals 137.2km. We also won the award for the best dressed site.
And even though our bodies are tired and sore now, We made lots of new friends and memories and were able to show off some of what the SCA does.
Fantastic effort from everyone.

-Airdan Mac Dara, Deputy Seneschal