Day of Champions

Date: 19th May 2018

Steward: Lady Sorcha

Feast steward: Lady Ana

Venue: Balla Balla Community Centre, 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977


  • Site opened 11am
  • Opening court 12:30pm
  • Archery tournament started 12:45pm-2pm
  • Rapier tournament: 2:15-2:45
  • Heavy tournament: 3:00-4:00
  • Change and prepare for evening feast, A&S setup
  • Arts and Sciences Showcase: 4:30-5:30pm
  • Feast started: 5:30pm
  • Evening court: 6pm

From the Baron and Baroness, Gilbert and Bethony

Once again our fair barony hosted its Day of Champions, stewarded by Lady Sorcha, whose stewarding was impeccable. The weather proved an adequate test of our champions with bitter cold winds, tempered somewhat by Dame Miriam and Master Waldo’s brazier, which helped considerably. Lady Eleanora and Lady Amelia shared the role of list keepers for the tournaments, and the tournaments ran without a hitch, which we thank them for. Thank you to Admiral Hanbal who did an admirable job of marshaling the archery tournament and Cormac for mashaling the fencing, and Lady Isaelfr for assisting with judging the A&S competition. In the evening, there was much dancing enjoyed by all, led by Gilligan and Aliette, with music aided by Theophilus and their marvelous portable music machine. Lady Ana and her crew put on a marvelous feast, in which many of us almost had to be rolled out the door from indulging a little too much in the delicious stews, roasts and lemon tarts…

We sincerely thank the steward and all of her delegates, and all those who pitched in on the day, to help support the Barony in the selection of their new Champions

Selecting the new champions

Each of the tournament formats for each of the tournaments were selected by last year’s Champions:

ARCHERY: The tournament selected by Lord Thorgrim Dvegr was a burnout shoot. This format focused on arrow control and a continual improvement in scores, whereby each archer must get a higher total than their round before. If they failed to better their score, they were eliminated. Lord Airdin proved victorious, with Master Waldo putting on a fabulous show to truly test the metal of our soon to be champion!

FENCING: This was fought using a Holmgang Bear Pit (King of the Hill) format. In this tournament, the two fighters begin by facing each other in single combat; the remaining fighters form a line waiting to challenge the survivor. The fight is conducted with each combatant having one foot on the fighting mat (approx. 2m x2m) and the weapon choice for each bout being determined by the challenger rolling a dice:
1 – Single sword
2 – Sword and dagger
3 – Sword and soft off hand weapon ie cloak,cushion or soft toy
4 – Sword and rigid off hand weapon ie buckler or cane
5 – Case of rapier
6 – Combatant’s choice

Lord Seamus once again proved himself victorious among his competitors, and conducted himself in a most noble manner upon the field.

ARMOURED COMBAT: An unsually uncomplicated round robin format was selected by Baron Cormac as the most fair format to select the Heavy Champion. Squire Nikephoros defeated Lord Robert Calis in the final with their two handed sword, to become heavy champion.

ARTS & SCIENCES: An open arts and sciences display will be held where you bring whatever projects you have been working on in the past year (finished or unfinished is welcome). Many diverse works were presented, from spoken word, curved shields, embroidery, costuming and painting. But ultimately it was once again the entrant of a woven garment that took the victory by Dame Miriam.

The equestrian champion will be selected at a future event.

Awards given

  • Lord Tomas van den Hove – Delphinus Dionysi

Gilbert and Bethony also created a new award to honour those who had held the position of Champion previously and thank them for their service

Order of Athenas Spear

“The ancient Greeks tell of a competition between Poseidon and Athena. They vied to offer the most valuable gift to the people of a new city. At the top of the Acropolis, Poseidon struck the rock with his trident and water gushed forth a spring, but it was salt water and no use to the people. Athena touched her spear next to the spring, kneeled, and planted a small olive branch, which grew into the first olive tree, and nourished the people for generations. Athena was the chosen victor and named patron of the city.

The Order of Athenas Spear is granted unto those who have served as Champions of Krae Glas, who like Athena, have endeavoured to uphold the virtues of prowess, wisdom, tenacity, courage and inspiration for the populace.”

The symbol of Athenas Spear is a spear head, dependant from a green stone, to symbolise the fruit of Athena’s olive tree.

The Order of Athenas Spear was awarded to:

  • Lord Thorgrim Dvegr
  • Lady Isaelfr Hidetorn Heilvesdottir
  • Lord Seumas Mac Thorsteyn

Photos courtesy of Lady Sorcha