Summer Twilight Tourney Series, Part IV: St Monica

This Summer’s Twilight Tournaments are centred around important Saints. Rounding out the fourth and final summer twilight event for AS51-52 we will be honouring no other than the Patron Saint of our College, Saint Monica ( c.331 – c.387).

For those that may not be familiar with our College, we were founded here at Monash university in 1988, so at this event we also celebrated the College’s 30th birthday.

The evening began with a short opening court, followed by a heavy tournament, A&S competitions and a potluck dinner.

It seems only fitting that this event be held here on the grounds on the College of Saint Monica, yet it must be noted that parking at Monash is almost constantly evolving. A map of the site and nearby parking will be uploaded presently. For those coming by public transport, we are practically a hop, skip and jump from the university bus terminal.

Date: Saturday, 10 March 2018
Times: 6:00pm open
6:30pm inspections
6:45pm opening court, tournament to start immediately after
Venue: Monash University Clayton (specific area TBC)
Steward: Lady Philippa Wildefuhel

From the Baron and Baroness:


Baroness’ cypher – Eryn of Krae Glas

Baronial endorsement – Kye of St Monica

Baron’s cypher – Ciaran Shiranui

Heavy Tourney: An enthusiasic tournament, for which the rules weren’t entirely clear, but there was a lot of weapon changes, and it was decided that Squire Nikepheros was the winner

A&S Competitions:
1. Medieval Cake: Won by Lord Theophilus for their delicious Roman honey cakes

2. Birthday Cake: Raignaid’s

3. Medieval Cordial: Won by Lord Theophilus for their variety of different syrups (cinnamon was Her Excellency’s favourite)