May Crown (May 2016)

Event steward: Lady Veronica Bellini

Feast steward: Mistress Elspeth Caerwent

Venue: Clifford Park, Wonga Park, VIC

The King and Queen, Gilbert and Bethony, had traveled south to the warmer climate of Istanbul. There, they had not only sought to learn from the Varangian Guard, but also to seek counsel from the Knowne World’s greatest physicians as to Her Majesty’s health. She had been feeling poorly and it turned out that she was with child. With this knowledge of Her condition, it was realised that they would no longer be able to reign over Lochac for much longer, and must find suitable heirs to help protect the realm. Through a most honourable tournament, we witnessed Krae Glas’ neighbouring Baron and Baroness of Stormhold, ThorolfR and Halla, rise to become the Crown Prince and Princess of Lochac. Orlok Hanbal al Barbari was named Vicar to oversee the lands of Stormhold, as ThorolfR and Halla tended to their new duties.

There was a feast, lead by Mistress Elspeth Caerwent and Mistress Gwir verch Madog.


The following awards were granted unto the following members of the populace by Cormac and Elspeth, Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas

Miriam bat Shimeon: Baronesses’ Cypher
Obbi illugi: Apollo Delphinius – Service
Philippa Wildefuhel: Apollo Delphinius – Service
Veronica Bellini: Baronesses’ Cypher

The following awards were granted unto the following members of the populace by Gilbert and Bethony, King and Queen of Lochac

Marared coed Radnor: Prometheus
Blethyn ap Gryffyd: Wreath of Valour
Miriam bat Shimeon: Silver Pegasus
Alliette Delecourt: Cockatrice
Lucas of Krae Glas: Award of Arms
Erin of Krae Glas: Award of Arms
ThorolfR olfuss Brandsson: Star and Lily
Cormac Lenihan: Golden Sword
Hanbal al-Barbari: Wreath of Chivalry
Brennan Halfhand: Court Barony
Liam Thorolfsson: Award of Arms
Gilbert de Walghop: Order of Defence
Checkers of Stormhold: Silver Helm
Checkers of Stormhold: Award of Arms

Photos courtesy of The Honourable Lady Ceara