12th Night - Barony of Stormhold, AS XXXIV - The Barony of Kraé Glas

Barony of Stormhold, AS XXXIV

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Autocrating Team

Autocrat – Lord Daffydd ap Iowerth
Feastocrat – Baroness Nicolette Dufay
Kitchen Autocrats – Lady Elspeth Caerwent & Lady Gwir verch Madog
Sunday Tourney Autocrat – Lady Jessica St Clair


Order of the Laurel – Brian de Caffa
Lochac Order of Grace – Master Thorfinn Hrolfsson
Order of the Silver Tear – Lord Daffydd ap Iowerth
                                               Lady Jessica St Clair
                                               Lord Rioghan of Saarlands

Comp Results

Woodwork – Eleanor of Cathenes
Fruit Cordials – Elspeth Caerwent
Lacemaking – Mirriam Glabraith
Blackwork – Keridwen the Mouse

Tourney Results

Heavy (Princess’ Champion) – Leofric (Journeyman to Prince Cornelius)
Rapier – Bran Aluin Cuchaille
Light – William Cumyn

Menu with Recipes

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