SM4 - Event Catering - The Barony of Kraé Glas


Break your fast with Leif’s Magnificent Breakfasts, from just $1 for Toast to $5 for a full breakfast,  2x Bacon OR 2 x sausage; 2 x eggs; 2 x bread. Substitute any of the above for, or add for $2: Damper roll or Fried mushrooms. Preferred pre booked, but you can negotiate with Leif on site.
Served from 7:30 til 8:30ish its a great way to start a busy day.

Coffee Shop

Lady Vera will again have the Coffee Shop open, providing coffee, assorted teas and hot chocolate from 8am until 6pm on the village green. Coffee $3, Teas $3.50, Assorted Teas including Green $3.50, Hot Chocolate $4.50 and assorted bisquits available on the village green available from 8am til 6 pm daily. Hot Chocolate tokens available for purchase if you wish to bre able to give them away. Running account can be kept and direct deposit after event available.


Midday repast, to keep up your energy levels will be served by Isobel. They will be simple and filling, a packed lunch for only $5, that you can pick up and take to your favorite lunch spot. Must be pre booked. Meals will be packed in a recyleable bamboo bowl, ‎please return the bowl “whiped” to the kitchen for use on the following day.

Dinner – Friday

An augmented pot luck eastern evening, with plenty of music, dancing, games and wild entertainments. Event will provide bread, dips and cordials, you provide your favorite food (to serve 6-8 people). Bring your board games, pillows, rugs and enjoy a fun filled evening. (Note – if you are unsure what to bring, please let Baroness Gwir know and she will assist your decision.) $3 charge

Dinner – Saturday

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Round about the kitchen go
In the herbs and spices throw
Veggies meat and rice – the lot
Cook them first in her charmed pot
As Lady Clara, wise and fair,
Is brewing up her magic there.
She’s winner of the Twilight cooking,
So go make sure you’ve made your booking!
(Hannah wrote the spiel!!)

1st remove: Pottage of root vegetables with fruit, Easter Cabbage for a Meat Day, Pear and Rose Tart, Stuffed Eggplant.
2nd remove: Roast Pork, Roast seasonal vegetables, Fruit Rissoles, Risotto
With a buffet of nibbles (including Clara’s award winning Macaroons) to finish. $15 per person.

Dinner – Sunday

Hunting Lodge will provide simple fare provided to us by Lady Jax. Price for this evening will be $10. Be aware that there maybe hunters and travelers with strange tales in attendance, fights may break out and there may be persons of questionable honesty. Be on the watch and ever vigilant.

Menu at the Hunting Lodge will be Beef vegetable stew, Bread and seasoned butters, Rice, Vegetarian curry, Snags, Fruit tarts and perhaps another surprise dessert.

Please Note: these are not part of the event cost and must be purchased separately. If you are pre booking and paying, the cooks appreciate it as they will know better what their numbers will be. If you wish to cook your own meals, there is plenty of area for you to do so and you are welcome to join us in the hall to eat and for the entertainments.

By Nicolette | Link