SM4 - Fighting and Marshal Activities - The Barony of Kraé Glas

Marshal in Charge for the Event is Gwynfor Lwyd. If you have queries, they should go to him. Each fighting type will have a Deputy Marshal in Charge, queries on specifics of that type should go to them.

Heavy and Light Combatants please note that your list field is open for pickups anytime there is nothing scheduled. Please use list fields for pickups for safety reasons. There are many of our own children and there will be scouts on site that we need to be aware of.

Heavy Activites (Marshal: Gwynfor Lwyd)

  • Friday Morning –
  • Friday Afternoon – Agincourt Run
  • Saturday Morning – Excellency Tournament (Formal Lochac Crown Format)
  • Sunday Afternoon – Century Challenges
  • Monday Morning – Team Tournament (Archery Heavy Rapier)
    Teams will consist of one combantant each of Archery, Heavy and Rapier. A tourney for each will be run consecutively (so you will be able to fight more then one style) Points will be awared by placing in each and added together.
    Points will be awards as such:
  • 1st place – Number of Teams + 1
  • 2nd place – Number of Teams – (placing – 1)
  • 3rd place Number of Teams – (placing – 1)
  • etc

Rapier Activites (Marshal: Don Everard Sefar)

  • Friday Morning – Pickups or Class?
  • Friday Afternoon – Fun challenge tourney (Weapon Limitations)
  • Saturday Afternoon – Baronesses Tourney
  • Sunday Morning – Princess Bride Tournament
  • Monday Morning – Team Tournament (see above)

Archery/Light Activites (Marshal: Lord Miguel de Santiago)

  • Friday Morning – Target Practice, combat and points
  • Friday Afternoon – Agincourt Run
  • Saturday Morning –
  • Saturday Afternoon – IKAC, Speed shoot
  • Sunday Morning – Light Combat Tourney, style dependant on entrants
  • Sunday Afternoon – Kings Round, increasing distance target shoot
  • Monday Morning – Team Tournament (see above)

Metal Weapon Activites (Marshal: )

  • Friday Morning –
  • Friday Afternoon –
  • Saturday Morning –
  • Saturday Afternoon –
  • Sunday Morning –
  • Sunday Afternoon –
  • Monday Morning –
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