SM4 - Schedule of Events - The Barony of Kraé Glas

The basic plan ( Schedule for Event )

Every day – All Martial Arts, A&S classes, evening meal and fun

  • Thursday afternoon – setup
  • Friday Evening has an Eastern Theme, with merchants showing off their wares from 4-6, dancing, drumming, board games
  • Saturday Evening has the big feast, with dancing and more games
  • Sunday Evening has a relaxed feast with more dancing and games and a entertainment fire circle.
  • Monday after 2pm – packup

Setup and packdown

If you are able to help with setup on Thursday or packup on Tuesday, please contact the event steward.

Merchant Day

There will be a Merchant Day (well, afternoon) at this year’s Suth Moot-on Friday between 4-6pm, which is just before the Eastern Feast/Revel planned for the evening.Please contact Nicolette if you would like to be a merchant, or for more details. I will need your name (SCA & Mundane) and some idea of what you plan to sell. Then I’ll be able to do a bit of advance advertising (or at least have a flyer at the entry gate). All merchants are welcome and there is no charge.

Eastern Feast/Revel

An eastern Feast/revel is planned for friday Evening. This will be a potluck event – bring a plate of food (preferably middle eastern medeival influenced) to share of the volume you expect to consume. The event staff will provide flatbread and dips.

Entertainment will be eastern dancing, drumming and board games.

Saturday Feast

Details to follow, Western Dancing and Singing

Sunday Feast

Details to follow, with more dancing and games and a entertainment fire circle.

By Nicolette | Link