SM4 - FAQ - The Barony of Kraé Glas

I have a few questions about Suth Moot.

Will there be equipement available to hire? For example Marquees, Camp stoves, etc people usually don’t have kicking around at home.

No Equipment Hire. We are not festival or conference, we don’t have anywhere near the number of people that are required to approach a company on this. On the other hand, we are close to home, there is a full industrial kitchen, and bunks. Ask, there may be someone with equipment you can borrow.

Will there be consumable resources such as firewood, straw, and the like?

Firewood – not at this stage as we are almost sure we will be on fire restrictions

Straw – no, the site for tents are fully landscaped and have excellent drainage.

Also are campfires allowed?

Fire restrictions are most like to be in force, we hope they will not be so high as to not allow fires in the allocated fire areas, but the long hot summer is not helping, pray for regular rain between now and then.

I’m a bit confused about the duration of the event.

Event officially open Friday morning 8 am until Monday evening (Not totally decided yet). The site will be available from lunch time on Thursday for setup and until lunch time Tuesday for pack up

I’d like to see x happen….

If you’d like to see something happen, and think you have the skills to run it, please contact the event steward. If you don’t have the skills, but know someone who does, ask if they might be willing to volunteer similarly.

what will the weather be like?

Wonga Park is in the low hills sorrounding melbourne. Temperatures tend to be a bit cooler (especially at night) than the melbourne cbd averages, probably closer to (maybe not quite as cold) coldsteam’s weather. Easter is 20 days (almost 3 weeks) later in 2011 than it was in 2010, in the rapidly cooling part of autumn, so expect the weather to be colder.

What should I bring?

One of the joys of Suth Moot is that you can camp in various ways. If you like period camping, there is a full section for period camping. If you’d like to camp modernly, there is a section for that, and if you want to bring the minimum amount of gear you can book a cabin. If camping period, I think you’ll have a fair idea of what to bring. If camping modernly don’t forget a tent, bedding (remember something to insulate yourself from the cold ground), and extra blankets from the cold. In a cabbin you should be able to bring less bedding with walls around you.

Bring medeival clothes, some warm ones for nighttime, cool ones for the occasional mild day, and a change of clothes in case you get caught out in the rain. A general guideline is if possible bring fresh undergarments for each day, and two sets of overgarments. If you are new, medieval clothes are available to borrow. A genuine attempt at wearing medeival clothes should be worn from the official event opening time until the official event closing time. You may wish to bring old modern clothes for setting up and packing up, unless you will be doing this during the official part of the event.

Bring food to cook, or pre-book food in one of the food funds. Some fridge and a fair amount of kitchen facilities will be available on site. Remember you need to share, and the food funds will have priority use of these facilities – you may be dirrected to a fridge or oven in an adjacent building. Food funds will not supply snacks – brign your own.

Bring stuff to amuse you – armour or craft stuff, a book to read for some quiet time, toys for the kids (or big kids), your musical instruments. Anything with a medieval feel. There will often be people sitting about chatting and doing various projects from sewing to whittling to armouring – join them and meet new people at the same tiem as you finish your projects, and maybe even get to watch a tournament.


Will there be showers? Real toilets?

YES! There are permanent utilitarian shower blocks and toilet blocks on site, available to all attendees, be they in a cabin or tent. Please check signs on facility door or with event officials on arrival which blocks are open and if certain blocks are restricted to certain types of attendees (eg cabins, tents) to ensure fair distribution of resources and cleanliness.

The showers did not show any signs of running out of hot water last year.


will there be as many wasps as last year?


The problem in 2010 was that the Clifford park site owners had invested in extensive searches for the wasp nests, including expensive exterminator contracts. The wasps were not nesting on the Clifford park site, so they could not eradicate them. However, the caretaker says the multiple high river events this year have washed the wasps away.


Will there be scouts running through my campsite or making noise early in the morning?

Last year the site was not exclusively ours due to a double booking error. This year we have an exclusive booking for the site – No Scouts.


What is the site looking like? Will it be dusty?

The caretaker report the site is looking green and lush.


I hear there is a river on site – do I need to worry about my children?

While there is a river on site, it is at the bottom of a large hill, well away from the central area and camping areas. Normal Parental discression applies, but children should have no reason to go anywhere near the water, and will have to leave the main activity area to do so.


Is this a good event to bring my children to?

YES! Suth moot is a family friendly event, from a easy stay in a cabin to an extensive range of childrens activities, we try to make you and your childrens attendance fun. The needs of families are considered when planning for this event.


I can’t stay for the whole weekend. Can I day trip?

Located in melbourne outer suburbs, Suthmoot is ideally located for quick trips from the eastern suburbs. Driving time from Glen Waverley is 30 minutes – we have had some members drive home each night to care for pets, and others drive home to attend important events or go to work for a day. other visitors have visited for only a day, of one overnight stay. All are welcome, and the loaction makes this easy for those in melbourne’s east.


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