Suth Moot 4 - The Barony of Kraé Glas

IV Suth

The lands of the southern part of the Kingdom of Lochac (the sinister part thereof) welcome you to attend Suth Moot.

Suth Moot is a low-key, family friendly, relaxed event that we hope will offer those who wish to avail themselves of the opportunity over the long Easter break to do medieval stuff. Knowing, as we do, that other Living History events are also geographically remote, we also invite members of those groups to attend.

With a full children’s activities stream, Arts & Sciences Collegia & workshops, Archery, Guild of Defense and Heavy Combat streams all tastes are catered for in a convivial and comfortable environment offering period camping, modern camping, cabins and day tripping.


Friday 6th April to Monday 9th April, 2012
Clifford Park Activity Centre, Wonga Park VIC (Melway 24 J6)

Open for setup from noon Thurs 5th April and cleanup til 10am Tues 10th April

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Please note that this is a work in progress. We invite anyone to contact the stewards to discuss what you would like to see happen at the event. We welcome all constructive suggestions.

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