Summer Twilight Tournaments 2010/2011 - The Barony of Kraé Glas

The Summer Twilight Tournament Series (STTS) is the Krae Glas summer event series. Held at Monash University’s Oak Grove, they are evenings of feasting, feats of arms, dancing, and entertainment.

Round 5: 18th of March 2011 at Monash University’s Oak Grove
(or the north-west multi-story car park if the weather turns bad)

Basic things to bring to this event:

  • An attempt at medieval clothing. If you don’t have anything, ask on the mailing list and someone will bring something that you can borrow.
  • A plate of food for the pot-luck feast, something that would not be out of place in the middle ages. This can be as simple as some bread, or fruit, or a chicken from the supermarket.
  • A plate or bowl to eat from, a cup or goblet, cutlery. Things that would not look out of place in the middle ages, for preference.

There will be competitions for cooking, entertainment, and arts and sciences, with different themes for each tournament. Here is the rundown for STTS6 rounds 1-5 from start to finish.

This years series is hosted by House Awesome, and below is the timetable for this Summer (2010/11)

Time Table:

6:00 Potluck

7:00 Armour Inspection

7:30 Tourney Starts

ending with the Activities til 9:30, or just after dusk.

Awesome Points for the series:

1 point for attending.

1 point for being a member.

1 point for entering a competition.

4 points for winning a segment, 3 points for second, 2 points for third.

5 points for being the most awesome person on the night, as judged by House Awesome.


$10 entry, children 16 and under free.


Financial member get $2 off.

Bring a food for the potluck gets $5 off entry fee.

Enter one or more of the competition gets a further $1 off.

Round 1 – 26 November 2010

Siege of Nicomedia:

In the Year of Our Lord, 1337, the city of Nicomedia was one of the last held by the dying Byzantium Empire. The Ottomans reneged on a deal with the Byzantium Emperor and besieged Nicomedia.

Cooking: Best food using as few perishable ingredients as possible.

Entertainment: Best tale from/of Byzantium or Ottoman Empires.

A&S: Games to pass time while waiting for Ottomans to storm your gates.

Combat: Single elimination tourney followed by three on two challenges, where the two have shields (defenders) and the three don’t (besiegers).

Round 2 – 17 December 2010

Blockade of Flanders:

In the first year of the Hundred Years War, the cloth producing lands of Flanders were hamstrung by blockades that stopped wool from being shipped to them, thus crippling their cloth industry.

Cooking: Lamb or mutton dishes.

Entertainment: Any entertainment as long as it’s Christmas themed.

Entertainment: Goods auction. Proceeds go to charity.

A&S: Any woollen item.

Combat: What weapon did I get for Christmas?! Draw weapons combination from a hat at the start of each round. Single kill, double elimination auction tourney with proceeds going to charity.

Round 3

Start of the Hundred Year War:

Edward II of England and Phillip VII of France dispute rule of France following the death of the French king, Charles IV.

Cooking: Any French or English food, However bonus points for accompanying explanation as to why your dish is better than a similar dish from the opposing country.

Entertainment: Tug-o-War, teams of four or less.

Entertainment: Insults! French vs English. Loss of points for quoting Monty Python, just to keep people on their toes.

A&S: Any item incorporating either a fleur-de-lys or a heraldic lion in the design or decoration.

Combat: Melee followed by King of the hill tourney (Must beat all other fighters in succession).

Round 4

Dawn of the Renaissance:

Francesco Petrarca writes extensively on his findings following a visit to Roman ruins, with his views on both the history and the actual design of the ruins and art works contributing strongly to the rise of the Renaissance period.

Cooking: Any Classical Era (Pre-6th Centrury) dish.

Entertainment: Any Classical Era entertainment.

A&S: Any Classical Era item.

Combat: Reversed ransom challenge tourney (Unbelted fighter, fighting <3 years:4 tokens; Unbelted fighter, fighting > 3 years: 3 tokens; Squire/Shire or Baronial champion previously: 2 tokens; Knight/Shire or Baronial champion currently: 1 token).

Round 5

In Honour of the new Duke of Cornwall:

At the age of 7, Prince Edward of Woodstock is crowned Duke of Cornwall, the Dukedom of Cornwall being established specifically for him.

Cooking: Southern English food or children’s food.

Entertainment: Tales for children.

A&S: Every day object.

Combat: Boffer tourney (Single elimination, 2 on 2 with youngest paired with oldest, second youngest with second oldest, so on.)

Combat: Round-Robin with bonus points for heraldry.

Combat: If there’s still time, House Awesome versus all comers!

By Karl Faustus von Aachen | Link