Rowany Festival - Easter AS XXXVII - The Barony of Kraé Glas


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What is the Rowany Festival?

The Rowany Festival is the largest SCA event in the Principality of Lochac (Australia) each year at Easter. This year (2000AD) I have been told over 1000 people attended the Festival at Tara Guides Camp in Silverdale, NSW (just out of Sydney). This is the event that attracts SCAers from all over Australia. This year we also had visitors from several other SCA Kingdoms, notably the Central West, Caid, An Tir, Meridies and the Outlands.

What happens at Festival?

Every facet of the SCA can be seen at Festival. This year up to 4 streams of Collegia ran from 8-30am until 4pm for 7 days. The Fighter Auction Tourney had about 120 heavy fighters take to the List field. Wars were held on three days. There was an huge market held on Easter Saturday. Archery of all sorts took place, along with meetings of the peerages, OziBoD, officers, committees and special interest groups such as Guilds. Many Courts were held for Kingdom, Principality and Baronial business to be conducted. There were elevations to all four peerages (Royal, Chivalry, Laurels and Pelicans). A bakery, a tavern and a fine eatery operated every day of the Festival, and merchants peddled their wares beside the village green. Each day the Pied Pipers run activities for children, too. There really is no excuse to be bored!

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