History and Gallery

This is an incomplete list of events the canton, shire and then barony of Krae Glas has held, with winners of tournaments and competitions. Kingdom awards given to members of the shire are listed in Canon Lore.

Past Events and Photos

Barons and Baronesses of the Barony of Krae Glas

Cormac Lenihan and Elspeth Caerwent A.S. XLVI, 27 August 2011

Seneschals of the Barony of Krae Glas

  • Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago A.S. L -.
  • Gilbert Purchase A.S. L – L
  • Gwir verch Madog A.S. XLVIII – L
  • Martyn Fairchild of Grenhamerton A.S. XLVI – XLVIII
  • Yves de Lyle A.S. XLIV  – XLVI

Seneschals of the Shire of Krae Glas

  • Yves de Lyle A.S. XLIV  – XLVI
  • Emma de Lastone A.S. XXXIX – XLIV
  • Karel of the Three Isles A.S. XXXVII – XXXIX

Seneschals of the Canton of Krae Glas

  • Honey of the Forest A.S. XXXVII
  • Cormac Lenihan A.S. XXXIV-XXXVII
  • Leif Brusi Magnusson A.S. XXXI-XXXIV
  • Jane Harcourt of Wallyngford A.S. XXX-XXXI
  • Yvonne-Yvette de Plumetot A.S. XXIX-XXX