Rules of the Target Archery Range - The Barony of Kraé Glas

  1. No Archery will take place without a Target Archery Marshal in attendance. The Target Archery Marshal is to be obeyed, instantly, at all times. They are there for your safety. You may not even realise there is a danger, but there is NO excuse for failing to obey a command. Failure to do so will result in your being removed from the activity.
  2. Nocked arrows are to be either pointed at the ground or the target. No where else. Failure to do so will get you removed from the activity.
  3. When a “HOLD” is called you will immediately un-nock your arrow and kneel on one knee with your bow held above your head.
  4. When “BOWS DOWN” is called you will immediately un-nock your arrow, place your bow on the ground and step away from it.
  5. When it is your turn to shoot you will first be called to the line. You will then be asked to nock your first arrow. The call of “RANGE CLEAR” will be made, followed by “SHOOT AT WILL”. You will then loose the specified number of arrows, and as soon as you have done that you will put your bow down (on the ground) and back away from the line.
  6. Under no circumstances are you to move forward of the firing line. If you drop an arrow, you leave it there. Moving forward of the line will get you removed from the activity.
  7. When everyone has shot the call of “BOWS DOWN” will be made. The Target Archery Marshal will check that the line is safe and the range clear. They will then announce “CLEAR AND COLLECT”. You may then move forward to tally your score and retrieve your arrows. It is your responsibility to collect all the arrows you fired.
  8. When all arrows have been collected you will return quickly to being behind the line so the next round may commence.
  9. Remember, archery is dangerous. If you break any of the rules, act in an irresponsible way, fail to follow the directions of the Marshal or act in any dangerous manner whatsoever you will be removed from the activity, and possibly banned from it for a given period.
  10. You are probably using borrowed equipment. Respect the equipment. No dry firing (firing the bow without an arrow) or any activity that could harm the bows, arrows or other range equipment will be tolerated.
  11. Leave the range in better condition than you found it. Take all rubbish with you and dispose of it properly.
  12. Arrows do break. If you break an arrow in the normal course of doing archery properly, that’s fine. Report all breakages to the owner of the equipment or the Target Archery Marshal.
  13. Be careful, follow the rules, and you will enjoy target archery. There are competitions for all ages, from under 10 year olds to adults. There are several different fun formats to try, from straight target archery to clout shooting to riving shoots. Have fun!
By Nicolette | Link