Day of Champions - The Barony of Kraé Glas

Once again our fair barony will be hosting its Day of Champions. Come join us for a day of tournaments and pageantry as the best in the land compete to be named Krae Glas Champions of Heavy combat, Rapier and Archery. Come display your prowess for all to see or cheer on those who wish to claim the title.

As evening falls, adjourn with us to the Great hall where our great baronies fine artisans will display their finest work, battling in their own way to be named Krae Glas Arts and Sciences Champion. The winners will then be honoured with a grand feast, with fun and dances between removes.

Invitation to the populace:

The Viking sagas tell us of heroic deeds, of exemplars, of inspiration. The beserkers – the bear men – of the Svarfdæla sagas, who challenge others to single combat, who in conflict shapeshift to fierce bear-like warriors that are immune to steel and fire, but returned to mild mannered men. Hrafnkel’s saga recounts the prowess of Einarr Thambarskelfir, who could shoot an arrow over more than 1500 rôst (yards)! And the stories of Sörla þáttr tell of four dwarves, Alfrigg, Dvalin, Berling, and Grer, the smiths who are artisans of nature, who create fertility and vegetation at the same time that they forge ornaments and weapons.

Who will rise as this year’s Champions of Krae Glas? We call all those who wish to vie to be our Champions, in the fields of archery, fencing, armoured combat, and the arts and sciences, to let Gibert and myself know of your intention to compete!

You may enter one or more fields. You may reside within or outside of our lands so long as you are prepared to accept the responsibilities of champion. You may be inexperienced or well versed in your field. You may enter as a challenger (that is, someone who wishes to test the mettle of our would-be champions).

If you wish to enter the championship rounds, please contact Their Excellencies, Bethony and Gilbert, to let your intention be known to them

Date: 19th May 2018

Venue: Balla Balla Community Centre, 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977


  • Site opens 11am
  • Opening court starts 12pm
  • Archery tournament starts 12:15pm
  • Rapier tournament: 1:30-2:15
  • Heavy tournament: 2:30-3:30
  • Change and prepare for evening feast, A&S setup
  • Arts and Sciences Showcase: 4:30-5:30pm
  • Feast starts: 5:30pm
  • Evening court: 6pm

Adult – Tourney and Feast $35
Collegian – Tourney and Feast $25
12-17yo – Tourney and Feast $25
5-11yo – Tourney and Feast $15
Under 5 – Tourney and Feast Free
Adult – Tourney only $5
Minor – Tourney only Free

Event Bookings:

Bookings close Wednesday 16th May

Tournament formats:

The following formats have been selected by last year’s champions

ARCHERY: Burn out shoot, with the top of each pool going into the final

HEAVY: Round robin

FENCING: This will be fought using a Holmgang Bear Pit (King of the Hill) format. The tournament begins with two fighters facing each other in single combat; the remaining fighters form a line waiting to challenge the survivor. The fight is conducted with each combatant having one foot on the fighting mat (approx. 2m x2m) and the weapon choice for each bout being determined by the challenger rolling a dice:
1 – Single sword
2 – Sword and dagger
3 – Sword and soft off hand weapon ie cloak,cushion or soft toy
4 – Sword and rigid off hand weapon ie buckler or cane
5 – Case of rapier
6 – Combatant’s choice

ARTS & SCIENCES: An open arts and sciences display will be held where you bring whatever projects you have been working on in the past year (finished or unfinished is welcome).

The equestrian champion will be selected at a future event.

Those wishing to compete for the titles of Heavy, Rapier, Archery or Arts and Sciences Champions, please send your expressions of interest to their Excellencies Gilbert and Bethony, Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas

Any newcomers requiring loaner gear for the day, please contact the Krae Glas Chatalaine or Hospitalier.
Any other questions about the event, please contact the event steward.

Yours in Service
Lady Sorcha of Krae Glas (Bronwyn Schoer)
Day of Champions Event Steward.


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