August 2012 - The Barony of Kraé Glas

The Blue Strand Issue 2012-6 June and July 2012

Greeting Good Gentles,

Welcome to the June and July edition of The Blue Strand. I hope this finds you well, and keeping warm in this weather. My scribe had issues last month, so I have been required to combine both months together. I can assure you, all is well now though and as proof bring you new of our borders.

Although it is cold and wet outside the adventures the Barony have had have been quite wonderful. The Rapier Tournament alone is becoming an event not to miss. Its conclusion at our Baronial Anniversary will be an exciting one.

There were those who were brave enough to wayfare to Bryn-a-mor, even in this weather. I am told that Bryn-a-mor turned out it’s best weather as a welcome to all those who came.

So without further ado, please read on for our news.

Veronica Bellini.
Issue 2012-6 June July 2012

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