Baronial Awards

Awards and their recipients – Barony of Krae Glas

The following awards have been given by Their Excellencies Baron Cormac and Baroness Elspeth during their tenure as Baron and Baroness (2011 – )

The Order of The Starling


Nicolette Du Fay 07/04/2012
Gwynfor Lwyd 25/08/2012

 Apollo Dolphinus – Martial


Gwynfor Lwyd 27/08/2011
Everard Sefar 24/08/2013

 Apollo Dolphinus – Arts and Science 

Paul de Ville 16/11/2011
Teffania de Tuckerton 25/08/2012
Gwir verch Madog 24/08/2013

Apollo Dolphinus – Service

Apollo Dolphinus - Service





Yves de Lyle 13/01/2012
Martyn Fairchild 13/01/2012
Leif Magnussson 25/08/2012
Veronica Bellini 12/01/2013
Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago 25/05/2013
Gwir verch Madog 24/08/2013
Isobel Rosewell 19/04/2014

Baronial Endorsement:

Baronial Endorsement






Theophilus Balsamon 27/08/2011
Veronica Bellini 20/11/2011
Seigfried Zoder 16/03/2012
Thorgrim the Dwarf 07/04/2012
Goddard de Ravensar 25/08/2012
Bethony Gaitskell 14/12/2012
Dmitri Rozenov 24/08/2013
Simon of Krae Glas 24/08/2013
Louisa of Krae Glas 24/08/2013
Marcus ap Gwion 19/04/2014

Baronial Spurtle

The symbol is a small silver spoon.


Gwir verch Madog 27/08/2011
Clara Luther 07/04/2012
Arganhell merch Briauc 30/09/2012
Bethony Gaitskell 24/08/2013

 Baron / Baroness’ Cypher

These are awarded to individuals who have come to the Baroness’ attention, and are small tokens of varying types – such as buttons and tassels.

Baronial Cypher




Baron’s Cypher –Auðun inn illi 27/08/2011  Ring
Baroness’ Cypher –Celsa 27/08/2011  Button
Envoy to Politocopolis –Adrian Neggastein 27/08/2011  Two pronged fork
Baroness’ Cypher –Ellen Meinnearach 14/07/2012  Button
Baroness’ Cypher –Veronica Bellini 25/08/2012  Button
Baroness’ Cypher –Tomasia Mariano 25/08/2012  Button
Baron’s Cypher –Clara Luther 25/08/2012  Ring
Baroness’ Cypher –Bethony Gaitskell 26/04/2013  Button
Baron’s Cypher –Gilbert Purchase 26/04/2013 Ring
Baroness’ Cypher –Antje Mattias (Isobel Grunow) 21/04/2014 Ring


Etruscan Dolphin
Given to those travel from afar to assist the Barony of Krae Glas

Etruscan Dolphin
Etruscan Dolphin


Dante Caldiera 15/02/2013
Clemens Gascoigne 15/02/2013
Aylwin Greymane 24/08/2013
Ingerith Ryzka 24/08/2013