Æresdag (Day of Honour)


Saturday, August 11 2018
12:00pm – 11:00pm

Tournament Location: Eumemmerring Scout Hall, Catalpa x Magnolia Street, Doveton VIC 3177

Feast Location: Balla Balla Community Centre,
65 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977, Australia


10:00 Balla Balla site opens for food prep

11am: Eumemmerring Scout Hall opens for tourney set up.

12:30pm: Opening court at Eumemmerring Scout Hall

1pm: Heavy and fencing tournaments at Eumemmerring Scout Hall. Board games and leisurely afternoon tea by the fire for the non-combatants.

4:00 Balla Balla Hall is open for decorating only! Come and help.
Please do not enter the hall until given the go ahead, unless you are helping.

Balla Balla Community Centre
65 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977, Australia

4:30 Boffer deer hunt for kids

5:00 hall opening
6:00 1st remove of feast
6:30 court
7:15 2nd remove
After dinner the shall be dancing, if people wish.
10:00 close and clean up
11:00 Hall closes


Name: Veronica Bellini
Email Address: VBellini.3conies@gmail.com

From the Baron and Baroness

Unto the wonderful populace of Krae Glas,

This, the 6th Day of Honour saw the Barony move to the lands of the Danes. Here we experienced not only the beautiful cuisine but also the terrible Danish weather.

The tournament

The inclement weather saw us retreat to the Doveton longhall for the tournament. Despite the rain and hail, we still saw dozens turn out, including many new and old faces. The furnishings of the hall, including the Black Dolphin’s fishing vessel moored to the side, helped to ensure we could still hold pleasant conversation. While the fighters fought, Baron Alain’s soup kitchen (with freshly brewed tea and coffee), warmed the bellies of the attendees. Thank you Alain for your hospitality!

As for all Day of Honour tournaments, the victor was selected by populace vote on those who displayed great honor on the day. The usual challenged based rules were updated to include no taking of leg blows but instead using a point system of 1 point for an arm or leg, 2 point for any other target. Fighters do not lose function of the arm or leg and die with 2 or more points. (Principally to avoid fighters dropping to knees on the parquetry). This year also saw the inclusion of a (large) bearskin that fighters had to ensure that at least one part of the body was on at all times, else they immediately get 2 points. Particularly entertaining were the losses as a result of the potential victor jumping back from a dying blow only to find themselves off the skin resulting in a draw. As in previous years lists also tracked all bouts and a report will be available soon for fighters to review, bout-by-bout, how they went.

Thank you to the Honourable Lady Eleanora and Lady Ameline for their assistance running the lists, and to Master Daffyd, Master Leif and Airdin for marshaling.

Most honourable combatants of the day

There were five competitors for the fencing and nine heavies take to the field for the Day of Honour challenge tournament. Once again, Miguel, inspired by his lady Veronica, captured the heart of the populace as the most honourable on the field (not bad for a Spaniard and a pirate!). It was wonderful to see Liam of St Monica take to the field, in only his third tournament. His valiant display of tenacity, enthusiasm and courtesy inspired the populace and the Baroness, and he was chosen as most honourable on the day for the heavy combatants. We also welcomed Lankin, a long time citizen but new member of the Hamlet of Groenaholar, to his first tournament in Krae Glas.  

Passing on of a St Monican favour

Lord Robert Callis, so inspired by Liam’s efforts, passed his St Monican favour onto Liam. The favour has some history: created as one of in AS XXXVI by Baroness Bethony’s hand (College seneschal of the time), it was worn by Baron Gilbert for 13 years before being passed to Lord Robert 3 years ago.

The feast

In the evening, and after a quick venue change, we found ourselves overwhelmed by both deer, which run rampant in the forests of Denmark, and with hunger. The Baroness called for a hunt, and gathered the enthusiastic and blood thirsty youth to find a deer for the evening’s meal. Stag Nikephoros was an excellent deer and who proved a challenge for the children to catch. However, a ransom of edible coins had to be made for the return of the deer horns.

Once again, Mistress Elspeth ran a fine kitchen. The populace were well fed and happy (and Her Excellency Bethony wishes to request more of those lingonberry tarts please… and some of the white mush too.. Thank you!!). Thank you to Mistress Elspeth for her delicious food, and to all of her minions that helped her.

Master Daffyd, who has led the St Monican choir and many others at countless feasts, presented a history of the first parliament, seemingly held between cats and cuckoos. There was also many hours of both gentle and vigorous dancing, which was enjoyed by all, including some old favorites and a lot of brawling.


Awards given

  • Personal token
    • Veronica was given a Black Dolphin
  • Arts and sciences: The theme was something containing Danish futhark. (Long Branch runes Lord Thorgrim won with his entry “Brain biter”
  • Baronial awards
    • Baronial endorsement for mistress Margie of Glen More
    • Starling (martial) for Master Cormac Lenihan
  • Special presentation by the Black Dolphin resulting in B&B allowing continued fishing operations of the coast with slightly less regulation.operations of the coast with slightly less regulation.
  • In celebration of St Monica’s 30th anniversary, each member of the college past and present were given two white ostrich feathers. A scroll, created by the hand of one of our newest collegians, Brittany of St Monica, with calligraphy by Lady Marared Coed Radnor, was presented to Mistress Yvonne de Plumetot, the founding member of the College of St Monica.
  • Arya taken on as an apprentice of Mistress Elspeth Caerwent (with some negotiation with Arya’s Pelican, Leif)

In a separate ceremony, Lord Robert Callis was taken on as a squire of Sir Gilbert Purchase

Thank you also to Lady Philippa for transporting a large number of collegians to the event for this important moment on the College’s history: the 30th anniversary. It was wonderful to see some old faces from St Monica’s, as well as many new ones.

Other thank yous

Thank you sincerely to the stewards of the event: Lady Veronica, and her close assistants, Miguel and Leif. Thanks to Lady Elswyth as bookings officer for the event. Thank you to Lady Vienna for coordinating the decoration of the hall, and to Ronan and Callis for personally assisting the Baron and Baroness in returning their many things to the trailer. Thank you to everyone for pitching in and helping clean up the hall for a swift exit at the end. And as ever, thank you to Lord Ciaran for visually documenting the day.


Prowess results

For those interested in the prowess results from the weekend:

Fencing results

Heavy results

More detailed analysis based on the weapons choice to come.