Summer Twilight Tournament Series 7, 2011-2012 - The Barony of Kraé Glas

Summer Twilight Tournament Series 7

“A Journey along the Silk Road”

On the “lemon scented lawn”, outside Central 1 lecture theater, building 63, Monash University.

Event Steward: Miguel, Caravan master.


18th November 2011

The Warring States Tourney
A 2 Token tourney where the combatant has three lives, 1 token to symbolise their army(spare life), the other to symbolise their service(slavery;). You will owe whomever holds your service token your life and skills, if you are slain whilst in service you are removed from the field. Those in in service must hand over any tokens they win to their owners. Those lucky enough to have won vassals may use them to fight their opponents instead. At the end of the tourney, the warrior with the most Vassal tokens wins.

Arts and sciences
Strands of Fate
Something made with silk

Food competition
Fit for the Emperor’s table
Yum Cha!

Entertainment competition.
Messages from the Nightingale
Songs, Poems or stories



16th December 2011

The next leg of our journey takes us to India and the court of the King.

An old tale from Udaipur tells of a princess of such surpassing beauty that her father’s allies fought for the honour of making her their wife. The king became afraid that his allies would all kill each other so he ordered his daughter to poison herself to stop the fighting. Dutiful daughter that she was, she took poison and died. Her mother the queen was inconsolable, so the people of Udaipur brought gifts of sweets to try to console her in her grief.

As the December tourney is the charity auction, fighters (and any visiting travellers who would like to marry up!) are asked to bring a gift fit to woo a princess. These will be auctioned to raise money for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Those who wish to honour the queen may make offering of either Indian sweets or a tale from the ancient manuscripts. The queen will make judgement upon the entries. A token will be award for the sweets that most bejewel the Royal banqueting table, and for the tale which most distracts the queen from her woes.

For those who do not wish to enter the Queen’s competitions, the King may decide to award a token for a savoury dish that he deems fit to grace the Royal tables of Northern India. This need not necessarily be an Indian dish, if travellers wish to present a highly regarded dish from their own lands.


13th January – Egypt

From as early as the 5th millennium BCE, there is evidence
of Egyptian trade with Persia and Western Asia by land to the east, but in
the 2nd millennium BCE, a canal was dug from the Red Sea to the River Nile,
partly to facilitate defence of the eastern borders of the Kingdom of
Egyptian, and partly to facilitate maritime trade.

The Egyptians were masters of maritime traders in ancient times, and this
means of transporting barges of timber, animals and other goods by ship
instead of by road lead to vast trade routes running from southern Europe
to the Middle East and Asia, via Egypt. These expanded trade routes gave
Egypt access to a vast selection of goods and resources from around the
world and made Cairo a key city on the Silk Road… until the pervasive
silt of the Nile eventually made the continued maintenance of the canal too
expensive in approximately 1000AD.

3-on-3 combat melee
Then either:
Depending on number, tiered teams (team of 1 person, team of 2 people, team of 3 people…)
Followed by;
Pharaoh of the Pyramid (It’s like King of the Hill, but more Egyptiany)

Fish dishes.

Tales of travel by sea,
Tales someone that vastly underplays their shortcomings (Can YOU be the queen of denial?).

Carve a stone monument! or… Build a canal! or… bring something mummified! or… if none of those grab your attention, artwork presented on papyrus. Wuss.

17th February – Turkey

As the caravan wends its way from the sandy dunes of Egypt, they set their sights on Turkey.

The great port city of Istanbul eagerly awaits their arrival.

Though the journey is long, and at times dangerous, the caravan finally enters Istanbul.

Cooking- Meals found in or around the city of Istanbul.

A&S- Artistic trade goods.

Entertainment – something from the journey or found in the courts or markets of Istanbul.

Guards defending: Sarrasan against Crusaders (of course).
Two teams up against each other. Best of 3. Then in the traditional and well documented turn of events, the winning team divides in two and the battle continues. Winning team then divides up and so forth until there is only two left standing. They then duel it out for the spoils of war.

16th March – Venice

Once you have cleaned up from the long journey along the silk road, please
join us for the festivities.

Our night of Venetian delights
will include some amazing sights.

Venice is known for its seafood and Pasta dishes;  its colourful and
pleasurable stories and poetry and finally, its glass work, art and – of
course – La Carnevale.

With that in mind, the competitions will be as follows:
Food: seafood or Pasta dishes (Please note that one of the judges can only
eat tuna and salmon in seafood and will defer to the other judge for any
other seafood)
Entertainment:  a pleasurable story or poem. – Which is suitable for
children (Or parents forewarned of the content)
A&S – something to be worn or used for Carnevale, a mosaic or a painting on
Fighting – The Tourney will be styled after rapier combat, in that a single
handed sword and buckler are the armaments.
The tourney structure will be an old standard. The Round Robin. Unless we
have too many fighters, in which case we’ll swap to a Double-Elim.

*La fame fa far dei salti,*
*ma l’amor li fa far più alti.*
*(Hunger makes you jump, but love makes you jump higher.)*
*               Venetian proverb*

By Paul of Krae Glas | Link