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Æresdag (Day of Honour)

Day of Honour is our annual premier event.

This year’s theme will be 14-15th century Norse, with a focus on Danish.

The Site opens at 10. Tournaments will start at 11. There will be Archery, Rapier and Armoured combat, using the traditional Day of Honour Format.

The feast will start at 6pm, with a focus on Danish food. Elsbeth Caerwent is leading the cooking team.

The A&S Will be the following: Something containing Danish futhark. (Long Branch runes). In the 14th century they were used as decoration.



Saturday, August 11 2018
10:00am – 11:00pm

Location: Balla Balla Community Centre,
65 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977, Australia

Tournament and Feast
12 and over $30.00
5-12 YO $15.00
Under 5 tournament and feast free

Tournament only
Tournament only $5.00
12 and under tournament only free

All Non members are $5 extra

Name: Veronica Bellini
Email Address:

Bookings form:
Bookings Close: Friday, July 27th 2018
Booking Contact:
Elswyth Goodfellow

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Meeting Minutes – June 2018

By Veronica Bellini | Meetings Minutes | Link

Meeting Minutes – May 2018

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Meeting Minutes – April 2018

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Meeting Minutes – March 2018

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The Blue Strand 2015-01 January 2015

Greetings good gentles,

Welcome back to The Blue Strand.  After a sabbatical, I am happy to report that I have returned full of enthusiasm.  Our fair Barony will once again be penned for future posterity.

There has been so much that happened in the last year.  Our Barony turned a year older.  Gilbert Purchase became Champion, again.  Miguel de Santiago became captain of the Black Dolphin.  Emmett Thorgrimsson became Page, replacing Peregrine.  These are just the highlights of the year past.

Following is what has occurred in the last month.  As always, if you have any articles or pictures you would like to submit.  They can be sent to

And now, without further ado I present the First 2015 edition.


Veronica Bellini, Chronicler returned

The Blue Strand January 2015

By Veronica Bellini | Blue Strand | Link

The Blue Strand 2013-07 August 2013

Greeting Good Gentles and welcome to another edition of the Blue Strand,

What an amazing month it has been. Krae Glas celebrated it’s second anniversary in a very beautiful tournament style. Both Heavy and Rapier fighters fought for the honour on the field and the points to win the day. It was truly amazing to see.

In the Winter Rapier Tournament Series we saw that even a Viking sometimes requires honour above all else, to win the day. Leif won the mantle of captain of the guard with honour points breaking the tie for first place.

If you didn’t understand the rules of this day of honour, have no fear. Our own Don Everard Sefar has provided an account which is published in this very issue.

I do hope you enjoy this edition.
And without further ado, I give you the wonder that was August.
Veronica Bellini
Issue 2013-07 August 2013

By Veronica Bellini | Blue Strand | Link

The Blue Strand Issue 2013-06 July 2013

Greetings Good Gentles,

Please find attached the July edition of The Blue Strand.

Veronica Bellini
Issue 2013-06 July 2013

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The Blue Strand Issue 2013-05 May 2013

Greetings all,

This has been a wonderful month of Archery, Rapier, Heavy fighting, Feasting and entertainment. And all at the Axe and Sword Inn. It was a warm and welcoming event and we thank Thorgrim and Alison for their hospitality.

We also had two new officers step up into the roles of Herald and A&S officer. Miguel became the Baronial Herald and I stepped up to be A&S officer. Miguel has already been doing the Barony proud. I hope to continue our high A&S traditions in Krae Glas.

On another note, there will be no June Chronicle, as I will be wayfaring to Kingdom of Ealdormere.
There will be a July edition. If any would like to submit their experiences of the Stormhold Baronial Investiture, they would be most welcome.

Issue 2013-05 May 2013

By Veronica Bellini | Blue Strand | Link

The Blue Strand Issue 2013-04 April 2013

Greetings good gentles,

I am currently seeking assistance. During the Months of June and July I will be wayfaring to the Kingdom of Ealdormere. As such I will be unable to write an account of our Fair Barony in that time.
I am hoping that someone would act as my deputy and collect the information needed to continue to inform the populace of our goings on. 

If you do not feel you could write a whole article, but are very adapt at collecting facts, then  that is agreeable.  Any information collected shall be added to the July Chronicle, upon my return.

At this point, there will be no June Chronicle.

However, may I now present the April Edition of The Blue Strand.

Veronica Bellini

Issue 2013-04 April 2013

By Veronica Bellini | Blue Strand | Link