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Day of Champions 2017

Day of Champions

Event Summary

This event showcased the best that Krae Glas has to offer. Members came together to vie for the opportunity to be champions of their respective fields. The champions were declared as:

  • Rapier: Lord Seumas Mac Thorsteyn of the Black Dolphin
  • Archery: Lord Thorgrim Dvergr, Elder of the Hamlet of Grœnahólar
  • Armoured combat: Baron Master Cormac Lenihan
  • Arts & Sciences: Isaelfr Hilditonn Heilvesdottir

The Champion’s role is to inspire others to participate and give their all in their respective field. The role of Champion is not limited to prowess; it incorporates all virtues, including humility, courage, agility, strength and wisdom. You should look to your Champions as a source of inspiration in your activities in the Barony.

At this event we also had the great honour of recognising the significant contributions of
* Ana de Vuallachia with a Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Avelyn Rosewood – Apollo Delphinius — Service
* Lord Airdin Mac Dara – Baronial Cypher
* Lord Seumas Mac Thorsteyn of the Black Dolphin – Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Roisin Cinnsealach – Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Vienna Maria della Rosa – Spurtle




Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017
Event Steward: Honourable Lord Baron Lachlann Dunbar
Venue: Balla Balla Community Centre
Attendance: 75
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All Hallows (October 2016)

Event and feast steward: Lady Sorcha of Krae Glas

Venue: Harkaway Hall, Harkaway

Krae Glas hosted a medieval style Halloween, when people celebrated the harvests end and sought refuge from the tricks of ghost and fairies. Those who have fallen were honoured on the field in a heavy tournament, held in the style of Valhalla.

Turnips, rather than pumpkins, were used in true medieval form to ward off ghosts and evils. As the rain beat down outside, we feasted and sang in the warm halls of Harkaway, in the light of gruesome turnip lanterns.

Photos courtesy of Lady Elizabeth La Chatte

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Baronial Changeover (Day of Honour, 2016)

Event Steward: Obbi Illugi

Feast steward: Vienna Maria della Rosa

Venue: Balla Balla Community Centre

A message from Their Excellencies, Cormac and Elspeth, First Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas

“How do begin to say thank you for the more than five years of support we have received as Baron and Baroness? Probably inadequately.

This event just gone serves as a great example of the things we love about this Barony. The Day of Honour is our signature event, and it is entirely appropriate that our signature is marked by the willingness of everyone to help. This year’s event steward and head cook did a fantastic job, and managed to put forward an event that we were immensely proud of. All this in spite of events beyond anyone’s control. When heavy winds blew down sunshades hands from everywhere were available to bring the sunshades down and pack them down. When one of the kitchen ovens failed, the kitchen crew promptly reorganised their plans and ensured the feast would preserve the Krae Glas reputation for delicious and pleniful food.

And then there is the College of St.Monica, from which our Barony originally sprang. The nature of colleges is that some years they will wilt and in others they will bloom. The college is today blooming as brightly as I have ever seen it, and its students not only worked tirelessly all day, they also provided a wonderful presence. This is in no small part due to Courtney who did a wonderful job enthusing and directing her fellow collegians, and who with the steward was one of the last out of the hall some time after midnight.

But the last five years have been more than about one night. There are the various seneschals we have worked with over the last five years. A good relationship between the B&B and seneschal is vital for a group, and all the seneschals we worked with were exemplary. We have also had a number of peers made in our time. Gilbert Purchase and Leif Magnusson were both elevated to peerage, and Teffania Tuckerton got greedy and received two.

We also cherish the various subgroups within the Barony, whether they be households, or collectives of legitimate business people of the sea. We are also excited for the future of our new hamlet.

Then of course there are the fencers, originally driven by Don Everard, but now overseen by Elizabeth and Edine. The fencing, as with the heavy, has always been conducted with enthusiasm and in the spirit of friendship. When things are less friendly, and more heavy, it has been wonderful to have Airdin around organising war or some other aspect of our fighting.

And finally there is one other point of our growth I would like to dwell on. When we stepped up we needed a signature event. We consulted, and along with Don Everard Gilbert and Bethony ran the first Day of Honour. Before we stepped up the Krae Glas had produced no knight, but Gilbert dedicated himself to his fighting and gained knighthood. When we reined St.Monicas was at a lower ebb, but were being supported on the shoulders of Marared and Antoinette. Gilbert and Bethany helped shoulder the burden and lifted the group to greater heights. When we stepped up Krae Glas had never produced a King and Queen, but Gilbert and Bethony not only reigned, but reigned well.

Gilbert and Bethony, I could wish no greater blessing for you than that others step forward for you the way that you stepped forward for us.

Long Live the Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas, Gilbert and Bethany.”



The following awards were granted to members of the populace by Their Majesties, ThorolfR and Halla

Hanbal al-Barbari: Miles Regni
Leif Magnússon: Pelican
Cormac Lenihan: Court Barony
Elspeth Caerwent: Court Barony
ffride wlffsdotter: Rowan
Sevmas McThorston: Award of Arms
Bonnie Kae McCann: Award of Arms
Vincent Hazard: Award of Arms
Obbi illugi: Golden Tear
Lachlahn Dunbar: Silver Pegasus
Airdan Mac Dara: Golden Sword
Sandy of Frojel Gotlandica: Award of Arms
Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago: Rapier
Elizabeth la Chatte: Rapier
Avelyn Rosewood: Golden Tear
Robert Callis: Award of Arms

The following awards were bestowed upon members of the populace by Cormac and Elspeth

Edine Godin: Apollo Delphinius — Martial
Elizabet Hunter: Delphinus Dionysi
ffride wlffsdotter: Apollo Delphinius — Service
Kelly of St Monica: Dolphins Endorsed
Lachlann Dunbar: Apollo Delphinius — Service
Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago: Starling – Service
Robert Calis: Dolphins Endorsed
Sorcha of Krae Glas: Dolphins Endorsed

Photos courtesy of Lord Ciaran Shiranui

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May Crown (May 2016)

Event steward: Lady Veronica Bellini

Feast steward: Mistress Elspeth Caerwent

Venue: Clifford Park, Wonga Park, VIC

The King and Queen, Gilbert and Bethony, had traveled south to the warmer climate of Istanbul. There, they had not only sought to learn from the Varangian Guard, but also to seek counsel from the Knowne World’s greatest physicians as to Her Majesty’s health. She had been feeling poorly and it turned out that she was with child. With this knowledge of Her condition, it was realised that they would no longer be able to reign over Lochac for much longer, and must find suitable heirs to help protect the realm. Through a most honourable tournament, we witnessed Krae Glas’ neighbouring Baron and Baroness of Stormhold, ThorolfR and Halla, rise to become the Crown Prince and Princess of Lochac. Orlok Hanbal al Barbari was named Vicar to oversee the lands of Stormhold, as ThorolfR and Halla tended to their new duties.

There was a feast, lead by Mistress Elspeth Caerwent and Mistress Gwir verch Madog.


The following awards were granted unto the following members of the populace by Cormac and Elspeth, Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas

Miriam bat Shimeon: Baronesses’ Cypher
Obbi illugi: Apollo Delphinius – Service
Philippa Wildefuhel: Apollo Delphinius – Service
Veronica Bellini: Baronesses’ Cypher

The following awards were granted unto the following members of the populace by Gilbert and Bethony, King and Queen of Lochac

Marared coed Radnor: Prometheus
Blethyn ap Gryffyd: Wreath of Valour
Miriam bat Shimeon: Silver Pegasus
Alliette Delecourt: Cockatrice
Lucas of Krae Glas: Award of Arms
Erin of Krae Glas: Award of Arms
ThorolfR olfuss Brandsson: Star and Lily
Cormac Lenihan: Golden Sword
Hanbal al-Barbari: Wreath of Chivalry
Brennan Halfhand: Court Barony
Liam Thorolfsson: Award of Arms
Gilbert de Walghop: Order of Defence
Checkers of Stormhold: Silver Helm
Checkers of Stormhold: Award of Arms

Photos courtesy of The Honourable Lady Ceara

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Giornata d’onore (Day of Honour 2014)

The theme of the ‘Day of Honour’ tournament and feast is that, each year at the time of the Barony’s birthday, the event will be inspired by a different region (French, Italian, English, Spanish, German etc), and set in ~1500 AD. Day of Honour’s feast for 2014 was set in Verona, northern Italy.

Event steward: Lord Gilbert Purchase

Feast steward: Lady Bethony Gaitskell

Venue: Harkaway Hall, Harkaway

The tournament

A total of 21 armoured combatants, and 10 fencers took to the field. Their Majesties, Niáll inn Orkneyski and Liadan ingen Fheradaig, graced the tournament field and fought with great valour in both fencing and armoured combat.

Total rounds: 50
Rank Name Score
1 Gilbert de Valchop 2351
2 Liadan ingen Fheradaig 1903
3 Everard Sefar 1583
4 Leif Magnusson 1535
5 Migel Rodriguez de Santiago 1518
6 Ute von Tangemunde 1406
7 Yves de Lyle 1124
8 Tracy of Capstone 1017
9 Edine Godin 969

Total rounds: 176
1 Lucas Von Aych 3620
2 Thorolfr Brantsson 3338
3 HRM Niall 3205
4 Gilbert Purchase 3003
5 Brennan Halfhand 1766
6 Rioghan of Saarlands 1548
7 Valdemar von Mecklenburg 1514
8 Cormac Lenehan 1338
9 Hanbal al Barbari 1280
10 thorgrim dvergr 1202
11 Liadan ingen Fheradaig 1189
12 Symon Boarmon 1175
13 Ludewicus zum schwarren phonix 1094
14 Everard Sefar 966
15 Caedmon of Stormhold 962
16 Nickolai of Stormhold 893
17 Mathias of St Monica 890
18 Ulfgeirr Refskegr 790
19 Erasmus Fortescue 638
20 Kevin Undecided 606
21 Airdin Mac Dara 483


Awards granted to the populace by Their Majesties were:

Clemens Gascoigne: Golden Tear
Gilbert Purchase: Golden Tear
Ciaran of Saint Monica: Award of Arms
Matthais of Saint Monica: Award of Arms
Avelyn Rosewood: Award of Arms
Nyssa mjoksiglandi: Award of Arms
Bethony Gaitskell: Golden Tear
Ant Blowme of Saint Cloud: Star and Lily
Arganhell merch Briauc: Cockatrice
Hanbal al-Barbari: Silver Helm
Emmett Thorgrimsson: Mouse Guard
Annabelle Perot: Rowan
Mevanwy of Stormhold: Golden Tear

Awards bestowed onto the populace by Cormac and Elspeth, Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas

Mistress Gwir: Order of the Starling, Arts and Sciences

The presentation of a plate to Their Excellencies, Cormac and Elspeth, was made by The Honourable Lady Ant Blowme of St Cloud. This plate was inspired by an Italian Maiolica plate (1525).

The feast

The feast was inspired by the wedding of Excellentissimo Signor don Alfonso d’Este to Serenissima Duchessa Barbara d’Austria, held at the Palazzo Bevilaqua, in Verona, Italy in December 1565. The entire wedding banquet was inspired by Neptune, and was entirely marine themed. This marine theme fitted well with the heraldry of Krae Glas, so we attempted to recreate this feast to fit the description as much as possible, from the decorations described to the food that was served. One of the most astounding foods presented at the wedding banquet of Alfonso d’Este and Duchessa Barbara d’Austria was a Trionfo di Nettuno, a sugar sculpture depicting Neptune, with giant whales cast in sugar, which was recreated for this feast:

Download the feast recipes and documentation: GionataDOnore-Documentation3

Download the documentation for the Trionfi (sugar whale): Trionfi di Nettuno

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