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Day of Champions

Date: 19th May 2018

Steward: Lady Sorcha

Feast steward: Lady Ana

Venue: Balla Balla Community Centre, 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East VIC 3977


  • Site opened 11am
  • Opening court 12:30pm
  • Archery tournament started 12:45pm-2pm
  • Rapier tournament: 2:15-2:45
  • Heavy tournament: 3:00-4:00
  • Change and prepare for evening feast, A&S setup
  • Arts and Sciences Showcase: 4:30-5:30pm
  • Feast started: 5:30pm
  • Evening court: 6pm

From the Baron and Baroness, Gilbert and Bethony

Once again our fair barony hosted its Day of Champions, stewarded by Lady Sorcha, whose stewarding was impeccable. The weather proved an adequate test of our champions with bitter cold winds, tempered somewhat by Dame Miriam and Master Waldo’s brazier, which helped considerably. Lady Eleanora and Lady Amelia shared the role of list keepers for the tournaments, and the tournaments ran without a hitch, which we thank them for. Thank you to Admiral Hanbal who did an admirable job of marshaling the archery tournament and Cormac for mashaling the fencing, and Lady Isaelfr for assisting with judging the A&S competition. In the evening, there was much dancing enjoyed by all, led by Gilligan and Aliette, with music aided by Theophilus and their marvelous portable music machine. Lady Ana and her crew put on a marvelous feast, in which many of us almost had to be rolled out the door from indulging a little too much in the delicious stews, roasts and lemon tarts…

We sincerely thank the steward and all of her delegates, and all those who pitched in on the day, to help support the Barony in the selection of their new Champions

Selecting the new champions

Each of the tournament formats for each of the tournaments were selected by last year’s Champions:

ARCHERY: The tournament selected by Lord Thorgrim Dvegr was a burnout shoot. This format focused on arrow control and a continual improvement in scores, whereby each archer must get a higher total than their round before. If they failed to better their score, they were eliminated. Lord Airdin proved victorious, with Master Waldo putting on a fabulous show to truly test the metal of our soon to be champion!

FENCING: This was fought using a Holmgang Bear Pit (King of the Hill) format. In this tournament, the two fighters begin by facing each other in single combat; the remaining fighters form a line waiting to challenge the survivor. The fight is conducted with each combatant having one foot on the fighting mat (approx. 2m x2m) and the weapon choice for each bout being determined by the challenger rolling a dice:
1 – Single sword
2 – Sword and dagger
3 – Sword and soft off hand weapon ie cloak,cushion or soft toy
4 – Sword and rigid off hand weapon ie buckler or cane
5 – Case of rapier
6 – Combatant’s choice

Lord Seamus once again proved himself victorious among his competitors, and conducted himself in a most noble manner upon the field.

ARMOURED COMBAT: An unsually uncomplicated round robin format was selected by Baron Cormac as the most fair format to select the Heavy Champion. Squire Nikephoros defeated Lord Robert Calis in the final with their two handed sword, to become heavy champion.

ARTS & SCIENCES: An open arts and sciences display will be held where you bring whatever projects you have been working on in the past year (finished or unfinished is welcome). Many diverse works were presented, from spoken word, curved shields, embroidery, costuming and painting. But ultimately it was once again the entrant of a woven garment that took the victory by Dame Miriam.

The equestrian champion will be selected at a future event.

Awards given

  • Lord Tomas van den Hove – Delphinus Dionysi

Gilbert and Bethony also created a new award to honour those who had held the position of Champion previously and thank them for their service

Order of Athenas Spear

“The ancient Greeks tell of a competition between Poseidon and Athena. They vied to offer the most valuable gift to the people of a new city. At the top of the Acropolis, Poseidon struck the rock with his trident and water gushed forth a spring, but it was salt water and no use to the people. Athena touched her spear next to the spring, kneeled, and planted a small olive branch, which grew into the first olive tree, and nourished the people for generations. Athena was the chosen victor and named patron of the city.

The Order of Athenas Spear is granted unto those who have served as Champions of Krae Glas, who like Athena, have endeavoured to uphold the virtues of prowess, wisdom, tenacity, courage and inspiration for the populace.”

The symbol of Athenas Spear is a spear head, dependant from a green stone, to symbolise the fruit of Athena’s olive tree.

The Order of Athenas Spear was awarded to:

  • Lord Thorgrim Dvegr
  • Lady Isaelfr Hidetorn Heilvesdottir
  • Lord Seumas Mac Thorsteyn

Photos courtesy of Lady Sorcha


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Baroness’ Biggest Morning Tea

Come gather for a Medieval Morning Tea at June Crafthall, sponsored by Bethony, Baroness of Krae Glas, to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Bring your garb, bring a plate of your tasiest pre-16th Century treats to share. The hall will be open from 11am so you may use the kitchens to prepare your food if you wish. There’ll be various board games and other entertainment during the afternoon. Note that the council meeting is being hosted online this month.

If you are unable to make it in person, you may also donate online, so together, we can help Cancer Council raise much needed funds that go towards vital cancer research, support services, prevention programs, and advocacy. Go here to donate

  • Date: June 9th
  • Time: 12pm (hall open at 11am for those wishing to use the kitchen)
  • Venue: Eumemmerring Scout Hall, Magnolia St, Doveton, Victoria

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Great Southern Gathering (GSG 2018)

Date: 5th-8th October 2018

Venue: Grantville Lodge, 200 Grantville-Glen Alvie Rd., Grantville VIC 3984

Event steward: Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago

Event pricing: TBA

Bookings: TBA

Accommodation: All rooms have full size single bed bunks with ensuite bathrooms. Wheelchair accessible accommodation available

Other facilities: TBA

Timetable: TBA

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Congregatus Australis


Date: Thursday, 29 March 2018 to Monday, 2 April 2018
Times: Site opens at 4 pm 29th March for set up
Venue: Clifford Park
 5-7 Clifford Dr, Wonga Park VIC 3115
Steward: Master Leif Magnusson
Bookings: Lady Elswyth Goodfellow
 Facebook: Congregatus Australis facebook page


Download the complete event booklet in pdf form

Download the timetable only in pdf form

From the Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas

Congregatus Australis was a joint Baronial event between the Baronies of Krae Glas and Stormhold, held over the Easter long weekend. It was wonderful for us to see the two Baronies coming together to steward and host a wonderful event such as this. It was noted by His Majesty that Baron Gilbert and Baron Brian had done an excellent job of achieving fine weather over the entire weekend. Þorkæll and his team ensured we were all well fed for every meal, and we thank him and his team for their preparation and all of their hard work over the entire event.

Thank you to Mistress Margie of Glenmore and Baron Alain for hosting and teaching so many the art of inkle weaving. It was a joy to see so many learning and practicing, and it was a hive of activity throughout the entire weekend. We hope many now feel confident to make their own belts and trim, and may also be inspired to take up other arts and sciences.

The Princess Bride fencing Tournament was once again enjoyed by many, with Leif Magnusson quoting his opponents into the ground, and Seamus ensured his opponents not only prepared to die, but did die also.

The Brown Egg hunt was a success, with Eberhard Neggerstein, our Kingdom Eggs-checker, ensuring a fair and equal distribution of chocolate eggs.  The plague of brown rabbits was also stopped by the many arrows of the populace.

In the archery, both an IKAC and IKCAC were held, being the first in over 25 years in Krae Glas. It was great to see so much participation in the archery in its various forms – in war, target archery, monster hunt, kids’ and adults’ archery – and that this was so accessible to so many members.

The Century Challenge (heavy and fencing) was indeed challenging for many, with only a handful completing the Century. The war scenarios looked highly entertaining (every war field needs a slippery dip, doesn’t it Hanbal?).

Whose cuisine reigned supreme? In the dessert challenge between Mistress Elspeth and the Evil Baron Alain – which saw bursting buns and nutty nougats pitted against lemon tarts and fluffy fools – finally saw Baron Alain victorious as Iron Chef Krae Glas. Really, the real winners were the populace, who got to eat themselves into a wonderful sugar coma.

And finally, a huge thank you to the Steward, Master Leif Magnusson, who had never really intended to steward the event, but did anyway. It was well organized (despite his fears otherwise),  and thank you to all who helped in both large and small ways throughout the weekend to ensure the event’s success.

Kingdom Awards

  • Abigail of Stormhold – Award of Arms
  • Arya of Groenaholar – Award of Arms
  • Caitlin of St Monica – Award of Arms
  • Kye of St Monica – Award of Arms
  • Ludewicus zum Schwarzen Phönix – Golden Tear
  • Mikhaila von Dhaun – Star and Lily
  • Paul de la Ville – Taillefer
  • Edine Godin – Order of the Silver Pegasus
  • Thorgrim Dvegr – Order of the Nock
  • Charles du Bois – Prometheus

Baronial Awards

  • Þorkæll rauðskeggr – Spurtle
  • Seumas Mac Thorsteyn – Apollo Delphinius – Service
  • Cheryl of Stormhold – Baronial endorsement
  • Corben of Krae Glas – personal token
  • Amos Ironbeard – Delphinus Dionysi


Courtesy of Lord Ciarian Shiranui

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Steward: Lady Elswyth Goodfellow

Date: Saturday 3rd February 2018


From the Baron and Baroness

The members of the region in which the event was held – Lord Ludewicus, Mistress Margie, Lady Elswyth and Honourable Lord Obbi Illugi – presented themselves to the court, to announce that they desire to form a Hamlet in the lands neraby the Dandenong Ranges. We told them to consult with the populace and the heralds, and make preparations to formalise their intent.

There was enthusiastic fighting on the day, with Baron Magnus being bestowed as winner of the heavy tournament

A&S winner: Sam of Krae Glas, with her delicious small cakes

Ploughing the Field: Much fun was had, with their Excellencies, Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas, being victorious

Burying the Cakes: Heavy tournament where the winners will be whomever buries the greater number of cakes, ie, collects the greater number of cakes into their corner.

Here Come the Birds: There was a hunt for Lady Elswyth’s lovely hand felted birds, hidden about the gardens


10:00 Setup
11am Opening court
11:30 Ploughing the Field (Race)
12:00 Burying the Cakes (Heavy)
12:30 Lunch and A&S food judging by the populace
13:00 Here Come the Birds! (hunt)
14:0 Closing court



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Crafthall clean up (Nov 2017)

Message from the Baron and Baroness

Thank you to all who helped with the clean up at Crafthall yesterday. Crafthall has been one of our homes for a long time, and it was great to get in there and give our storage room a spring clean and a tidy, and also make sure that all of our equipment is documented to make it easier and more streamlined for event stewards, newcomers and members of the populace to make better use of all of the wonderful resources we have.

In particular, the ultra organized Lady Phillipa who brought printers, label makers and laminaters, tubs, pens and coordinated the event.  Lady Avelyn and her mother, Lady Vienna and Lady Elswyth, who sorted and measured and photographed. Baron Lachlan for doing heavy lifting. Our Hospitaller, Lady Elizabeth la Chatte, our Gold Key, Lady Sorcha, and A&S officer, Lady Clemens, did a stellar job of sorting and organizing clothing and feast gear, identifying clothing for mending, dying and repair. Lord Ciaran cleaned and mopped and scrubbed all surfaces of the storage room. And Obbi for creating the digital asset register.

Thank you to Lord Ciaran once again for taking photos of the day!


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The Krae Glas Baronial Carpet project


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Bonfirepalooza (June 2017)


Venue: Bree’s farm

Photos by: Bree

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Knight School (May 2017)

The Barony of Krae Glas hosted two days of intensive fighting with Knight trainers from across the Kingdom of Lochac, teaching a broad range of fighting skills. There was morning and early afternoon of classes on both days followed by personalised one on one training with all the knights present.

Knight trainers: Sir Ariston, Sir Bleddyn, Sir Brennan, Sir Eva, Sir Felix, Sir Steffan, Sir Gilbert, Sir Hrothgar.

Venue: Mt Morton, Belgrave heights, VIC

Steward: Gilbert Purchase and Berenger of Nancy

Feast steward: Bethony Gaitskell

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Day of Champions 2017

Day of Champions

Event Summary

This event showcased the best that Krae Glas has to offer. Members came together to vie for the opportunity to be champions of their respective fields. The champions were declared as:

  • Rapier: Lord Seumas Mac Thorsteyn of the Black Dolphin
  • Archery: Lord Thorgrim Dvergr, Elder of the Hamlet of Grœnahólar
  • Armoured combat: Baron Master Cormac Lenihan
  • Arts & Sciences: Isaelfr Hilditonn Heilvesdottir

The Champion’s role is to inspire others to participate and give their all in their respective field. The role of Champion is not limited to prowess; it incorporates all virtues, including humility, courage, agility, strength and wisdom. You should look to your Champions as a source of inspiration in your activities in the Barony.

At this event we also had the great honour of recognising the significant contributions of
* Ana de Vuallachia with a Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Avelyn Rosewood – Apollo Delphinius — Service
* Lord Airdin Mac Dara – Baronial Cypher
* Lord Seumas Mac Thorsteyn of the Black Dolphin – Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Roisin Cinnsealach – Baronial Endorsement
* Lady Vienna Maria della Rosa – Spurtle




Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017
Event Steward: Honourable Lord Baron Lachlann Dunbar
Venue: Balla Balla Community Centre
Attendance: 75
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