About - The Barony of Kraé Glas

The SCA formed among a group of friends enthused about medieval life, whom decided to create a world within a world to bring to life the ideals of the medieval period in the context of modern life. Now 50 years on, the SCA continues to attract young and old to explore life style, culture and combat of arms from around the world as it was known to the West before 1600AD.

  • The lands of the SCA are divided into 19 Kingdoms of which the Kingdom of Lochac represents Australia and New Zealand.
  • Lochac is divided into 12 Baronies of which the Barony of Krae Glas represents the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
  • Krae Glas has within her lands, the College of St Monicas (Monash University, Clayton) and the Hamlet of Groenaholar (Gippsland).

  • Activities

  • Martial Activities including armoured combat, rapier combat, cut & thrust Renaissance swordsmanship, equestrian and archery
  • Arts and Sciences activities include costume making, life style, music, dance, food and feasting, caligraphy and anything practiced before 1600AD.
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